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  • jjbarnes42 jjbarnes42 Mar 14, 2013 8:48 PM Flag

    Investing 101

    I am very concerned that many small investors are going to be hurt by the wall street types that take immense pleasure from fleecing their hard earned dollars for themselves and their fat cat clients. No shame, immense greed, no ethics.

    If anyone reading this board truly believes what was reported today is positive - - please please do yourself and your family a favor and sign up for an Investing 101 course at your local community college. Reporting today was downright frightening, notwithstanding those who tell you otherwise for their own personal gain or because they do not know any better. I am a little guy, and I am afraid for any other little guys who do not understand what is to come in near future. If today did not frighten you, if you do not understand why small lot purchases in the after hours kept the price a few pennies above $6, if you do not understand why there was not a massive sell off (yet) in the after hours, if you do not understand a possible short-term move up will just set up the ugly shoe that is going to drop...may I humbly suggest you might not understand enough about the markets and investing. Please educate yourself. Molycorp is a company that is failing/declining at an alarming rate of velocity. The emperor has no clothes, most of us know that and those who do not should not be invested in this empty slot machine.

    My humble opinion based on past experience/history. We all have to form our own opinions and make the best decision we are capable of making for ourselves. I only beg those who see the news today as positive or neutral - - please do your homework, and fast.

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