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  • insect_insight insect_insight Mar 20, 2013 7:57 PM Flag

    STOP blaming a GENIUS like me for CRIMES perpetrated by JP Mutton and Morgan Stinkley


    Ladies, I am a proven trading GENIUS, as those who have followed me know by now....and frankly it irritates me to no end that there are those who blame me for the CRASH of all these sick rare earths, golds, and silvers.

    In the case of rare earth, ALL blame lies with the scumsters at JP Mutton and Morgan Stinkley who created PHONY pumps of all these sick rare earths while merrily stealing all YOUR $$$$$ That is what those companies do, ladies...they STEAL money from ignorant small specs every single day via LIES and DECEIT and you can not blame a trading GENIUS like me for simply taking advantage of that FACT. The wall street scumsters STEAL the money on the way up, by making outrageous predictions of rare earths while dumping the doggie stock to small spec BAGHOLDERS like YOU...and they STEAL the money on the way down, mostly by WRITING WORTHLESS call options in rare earths while pumping them to the skies, primarily via message board shills, thereafter contriving bad news "events" with collusive fundsters, banksters, and the rare earth managements themselves in order to WIPE OUT THOUSANDS of WORTHLESS rare earth call options.

    Ladies, live and learn from your intellectual and LEARN!!!!

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