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  • insect_insight insect_insight Apr 17, 2013 8:21 PM Flag

    Gold crash now signaling runaway DEFLATION and INEVITABLE stock market crash


    Ladies, although I have rightfully and correctly stated that golds and silvers are totally USELESS metals, insofar as the requirements of a modern 21st century economy, nevertheless, they have served historically as PERFECT indicators of runaway DEFLATION.

    The recent gold/silver CRASH is a SCREAMING WARNING that ALL major dow and nasdaq stocks will soon CRASH, and only a handful of quality equities (e.g. Priceline) that are protected against downside (thanks to 90% INSTITUTIONAL ownership!) of any significance.

    Ladies, one country after another is being forced to liquidate gold to pay back debt....and most USA corporations have so much debt today that only easy money allows them to get through the day. Moreover, with so many nations in Africa/So. America so dependent upon gold/silver mining, the crash in those industries MUST result in PANIC SELLING of mainstream equities all across the world

    Ladies, as I have proven many many times, I am a trading GENIUS, with unmatched knowledge of market TECHNICALS and HISTORICALS, and it is those HISTORICALS that tell me unequivocally that the stock market MUST CRASH, at any moment, and ERASE a minimum of 75% of current stock values, in a heartbeat.

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    • Did you skip your cookies and milk ritual this evening Insect? It shows!

      World markets? Sure, 12-18 months out, concerns do pile up, but future data points will and do add clarity. Near term correction? Sure, it's a possibility on the order of 5-10%, but THAT IS IT!

      I pay attention to eco data from all points of the globe that count and listen to what the CEOs of large cap multi nationals have to say as well and NOTHING supports your BS!

      That said, I've been nowhere near the miners for quite some time other than a small % position in Freeport Mac at about $30 bucks so I'll concede that your not completely out of your mind.


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