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  • getintoh20 getintoh20 May 9, 2013 6:28 PM Flag

    Mcp losing money, burning thru cash, & 6 months before an kind of turn around

    And bag holders think shorts are going to cover? Really? Thnak God you people don't buy stocks for me, i be broke like the rest of you bag holders.

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    • And technically most people put the "turnaround" at the time the Chlor-alkali facility is put into full operation, reducing costs well below the sales price ... hence profitability. And the statement from the CC was that the facility will be construction complete by the end of August/beginning of Septmeber, and will be validated and operational by the end of September/beginning of October.

      The beginning of October (call it 10-9-2013) is 5 months away. So the turnaround is in Q4. 6 months from now they report on Q3, and that report should be AFTER the announcement of functional operation of the Chlor-Allkali facility.

    • Keep your SHORTING , it will be good for you at your end .

    • Good for you. You have a position and believe in it. Don't cover then. Either you are right and the stock price declines and you make money or you are wrong and the stock price goes up and the longs make money. As a long, I am thankful you are not investing for me. The fact that you disapprove of my investment seems a given since it is the exact opposite of yours.

      Go for the gusto. Hang on to that short position and short more.

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