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  • hendekli02125 hendekli02125 May 10, 2013 7:50 AM Flag

    what will confirm the short squeze start?

    Is it going to be volune and orice if it is what should be the volume? I invested 20k and need the money in 2 weeks ..avrg @6.48..when should I sell?

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    • Short squeezes are incredibly rare. Even with the high short interest and high short level there still is unlikely to be a squeeze. Squeezes require rapidly higher prices, inadequate volume for the covering shorts, and shorts motivated to cover. I don't think we will have that.

      The volume of willing sellers ticks up with price. The shorts will be hurt by the open, but not necessarily motivated to throw in the towel. I think high volume lets anyone who ants to cover, to cover, and anyone who wants to short the rip to short more.

      You may get lucky and get a good exit price. I'm glad hanging on will help you. Since you probably bought back in March. I'll echo the thought that when you expect to need the money in 2 months ... think about holding the cash.

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      • look at TSLA..that is what you call a widow maker** to stubborn shorts ..

      • Yesterday's result and CC provided evidence that the company is being well run and that it continues to be far more transparent and realistic than during the Mark Smith era. The Sorbx trials thrilled me (I have written MCP in the past and asked: Where are the pilots for Sorbx? You need real world results! You need a municipality to switch your product.)

        But as CK noted, MCP still needs to execute: they need to fix the issues on the way to Phase 1 completion, finish and ramp up Chlor Alkali facility, they need to finish pilots for Sorbx and (hopefully) post compelling data (and announce new customers), they need to start to make headway with their new magnets, they need to be able to establish a positive cash flow, etc.

        If anything, I think Q1 will allow smart shorts a relatively painless exit (i.e., no great results were announced, but there is a lot more trust in direction of company and in management).

        The illegal smuggling issue will be difficult: it is the crime of choice in that part of the world. These are serious crime syndicates making serious money. And the rewards are much greater than with drug smuggling and the penalties are less severe (it's win-win)

      • The only sellers are those who need the $$ in 2 weeks....after those 3 ppl. are out who is going to sell?? Now,to your point of inadequate volume....its here!!! Weak hands have been away from this for months!!! My un-pro!!

    • Confirmed!!! -This stock will double by years end! This is just the start. $ 20 by EOY!! Everything is lining up and bottom is in! Anybody "puttin along" at $10-12 is about to have it put to 'em!! My un-professional opinion...not meant to influence anyones trades....major short miscue though I think!!

    • I'm a horrible trader. Started in 2011 and lost almost half of all my money. Why? because I was selling after 10% loss to avoid more losses but since this is just like gambling, I'd buy back in to make it back and lose more. Not only did I lose a stack of money but I paid hundreds and hundreds in transaction fees.

      However, none of this was money I really needed. It doesn't feel good but I don't need it for anything.

      In the last few years I'm still down a ton but I know much more now so I'll claw my way back.

      BTW you realize this stock came down from like 60 dollars right? Shorts are going to run of the hills if they because it went up 10% on earnings...

    • When you have 10% gain lol (right now!)

    • hope we will see 6.48 today

    • Thanks guys, Actually I need half of the money in two weeks the other half i can let it ride. 20 days ago same thing at amd bought @2.42 and had to sell @2.6 I wish I sold this one instead...sure I know what everyone says buying and selling since 20 days...just do not know abouth this stock so much...bought this just for the way I invested 125 on FCX long on that avrg at 37...will wait by the end of the year and sell it around 48,,,,

    • Wow, investing in a stock with money you need in two weeks! And then asking for advice on a Yahoo Finance Message Board. Brother, you need an investment advisor.

    • As they say, the market can stay irrational a lot longer than you can stay solvent. Never do what you are doing. Investing has become more and more like gambling, but what you are doing is gambling, with money you need soon.

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