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  • votingmachine votingmachine May 14, 2013 12:06 PM Flag

    More Shorts

    JMO, but I think the short side is larger than ever. The higher price and higher volume seem likely to be the result of aggressive shorts doubling-down on their position. Obviously interest in the stock is up since the Q1 report showed some good progress.

    I just don't think that the short interest is covering. I think the short interest is going to stay large for months. I don't expect any squeeze but the gradual covering will drive prices higher.

    I've tried to calculate the exact current short interest using FINRA data, but that data seems incomplete. I think short interest is higher now than it was pre-earnings. If anyone knows the count, by all means post the facts.

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    • shorts have to create some sort of camalflauge that thhe stock is stalled, otherwide they can't cover, seen this movie before, the news now will be mostly positive, they are running out of time

    • i agree doubling of shorts. i just dont see much more upside till fall

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      • The following are possible stock movers prior to fall:
        - Another earnings/revenue beat
        - Completion of Phase 1
        - Update on production costs post-Phase 1
        - Slashing of Neo production costs after working through rare earths purchased during spike
        - Results from pilot studies for Sorbx (municipal and industrial)
        - Sorbx sales
        - Close of SEC investigation
        - Completion of Chlor Alkali facility
        - Successful ramp up of Chlor Alkali facility
        - Report on production costs after Chlor Alkali
        - New generation of magnets (little or zero HREEs) gaining traction
        - Stable or rising rare earths pricing
        - Update on Lynas's tight rope walk (scrutiinzed/hated company with no toxic waste plan)
        - [something I haven't thought of]

    • More to Crush! It would be Stooopid to Short a stock at this level. But i guess, you cant fix Stooooopid LOL!

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