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  • canine_cunning canine_cunning Jun 28, 2013 5:39 AM Flag

    More lessons for rare earth LOSERS, FAILURES, and RETARDOS


    let me try to teach the mentally challenged boobs who gravitate to rare earths the following FACTS one more time:

    1. In a BEAR market, the BEAR ALWAYS ALWAYS IGNORES "good" news, only pays attention to BAD news....that is an incontrovertible Law of matter what the cnbc DISINFO whoore shills tell you otherwise......and that explains why mcp trash fell like a rock when the SEC investigation was announced...and that explains why it will burp upward briefly in response to the SEC decision, then dive back into its BEAR downtrend toward ZERO.

    2. The sec obviously decided not to pursue a case against the pathetic mcp joke because the sec knows full well that mcp is fatally wounded (thanks partly to the sec in its role as rare earth short proxy for goldman, morgan stanley, and the other wall street banks that control it)...and so mcp is destined to die of its own weight now, with or without an sec formal action aimed against it.

    3. the dying rare earth juniors long ago predicted and stamped the death certificate for mcp. the mass investor psychology toward rare earth is sooooooooooooooo extremely negative today that nothing can turn it around in the near would take at least another FIVE years, minimum, to erase the mass REPULSION that people feel toward a rotten sector in which every single company's stock performance is less than STINKING. as I demonstrated many times via my superior knowledge of market historicals, NO stock can spin on a dime, leaving its vicious BEAR downtrend and resume a sustainable bull market uptrend. It takes YEARS for that to happen and by then ALL n. american rare earths will be extinct

    case closed...and as usual, I am 100% correct, as I have been in ALL my forecasts for the PAST TWO YEARS concerning these worthless rare earths, golds, and silvers....not to mention my genius analyses of exact;u why the nasdaq/dow will jump 5000 points over the next 3 years, thanks to goldman's raids upon foreign economies.

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