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  • canine_cunning canine_cunning Jul 18, 2013 9:48 PM Flag

    What can we do about the PUMP WHOORE SHILL trolls????? What can we do????


    These rare earth PUMPER WHOORE SHILL TROLLS, placed here by the slimy call WRITING funds/ banks, always fill the rare earth message boards before the market opens and immediately thereafter and their pump NONSENSE falls into the following categories, repeated ad nauseam DAILY for the past TWO YEARS:

    1. rare earth short squeeze about to happen any moment......NEVER happens!
    2. takeover of rare earth company about to occur at any moment....NEVER happens!
    3. technical resistance about to fall today....NEVER happens!
    4. china about to suspend rare earth shipments....NEVER happens!
    5. insiders buying massive amounts of rare earth stock.....NEVER happens!
    6. insiders buying tons of rare earth call options....NEVER happens! (they typically only WRITE them)
    7. rare earth prices now rising dramatically.....NEVER happens!
    8. rare earth company to beat production/earnings estimates....NEVER happens! (they disappoint 99% of the time, with one sad excuse after another).
    9. rare earth stock to revisit all time highs this year (IMPOSSIBLE to happen!)
    10. rare earth stock are just like tesla, linkedin, priceline, netflix.......but unlike those stocks, the major wall street weasels (goldman, jp morgan, citi, morgan stanley, etc.) have NO sizable long positions of any kind and only take positions for shorting purposes only (e.g., morgan stanley borrowing mcp stock from its compromised management in order to short same stock into the ground).

    Anyway, girls, there is a long litany of PUMP WHOORE TROLL NONSENSE placed on this board each and every day...and since they are ALL surprise they hate my guts for intervening to point out THE TRUTH about rare earth trash and the wall street slime who promote them. LOL

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Avian - May the Truth be told. We will all know soon (the next 4 or 5 quarters) if MCP becomes the company and viable stock that its potential has. There are many variables and current market underlyings that make this situation one that will play out soon enough. There is one thing for sure, your agenda is simply for the purpose of making $$$$, (thats fine) but your posts are streched in truth and you in your owns words post REPEATED AD NAUSEAM DAILY. Your latest posts ring the sense of desperation and I BELIEVE the short postion you have taken will soon end.

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      • Avian, Mammel, Insect Insight, and who else knows what names he/she has used as an ID on this board in days needs something else to do beside reading his/her "proprietary charts" so he/she needs to share with us intellectually inferior ham and eggers the results of these tea leaf readings, since his/her broker who executes his/her trades cannot possibly be involved with said individual 24/7.

        Wonder if Avian is in fact the Dos Equinos world' s most interesting man.
        They both are highly conceited!!

    • Bad bad doggy, now no money left for dog food, lost it all on shorting MCP.

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