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  • ivineman66 ivineman66 Aug 9, 2013 10:55 AM Flag

    chlor-alkali facility

    Commissioning of its chlor-alkali facility is the turn point for MCP. Next month? Then MCP will be in $10s at least.

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    • From the CC I heard they will finalize the Choralkalia plant next month (September), HOWEVER, they will not run at full production till they see more demand. One great news is the CEO said they will CASH FLOW positive by end of the year.

      Let the SHORTS have their fun. We can profit from it and buy cheaper. maybe even in the 5s. BUT, someday before the Q4 they better cover or all their gains will be lost.

    • Why would the chlor-alkali unit make a difference? This unit should have been up and running 8 months ago.

      The feedstock to chlor-alkali units is typically pristine. You want the process to send the Na ion one way and the Cl ion another. Having other ions around in the feed clutters up the landscape. MCP's chlor alkali unit uses waste water as the feedstock. Can you see where this is a problem?

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      • Here is the comment about why it makes a difference from CK:

        "I don’t want to diminish the seriousness of this milestone. In my view, the Chloralkali plant is the next big one and it’s really the one development that will allow us to get faster down the ramp of reducing production costs."

        "we expect it to be completed next month and we are quite optimistic that we have done everything that we needed to do to fire it up and commission it in a normal way."

      • And as to why it will make a difference ... it will lower costs. And yes, it should have been running long ago. If you are planning on going back in time and buying based on today's schedule, don't do it. If you are planning on buying based on the future economics and current schedule ... that only makes sense.

      • Um, I guess you have not been following MCP for last couple f years. the point of using chlor-alkali plant is to recycle the waste water and break them up to hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide again so the expensive water will not be wasted, and keep most of the process near the mining site to reduce cost on energy and other associated operations. That is why rest of us are all so interested in the chlor-alkali plant.

      • They said that they will purify the brine ... that is a bit ambiguous but that is what they claim. And the electrolysis of an ionic solution will still oxidize at the anode and reduce at the cathode. The generation of alkali seems certain to me. The generation of HCl is less clear to me. That is where you really need of be certain of purity ... non-chlorine is chemically problematic.

        This was CK's comment on your point:
        Typically for commercial plants, you buy a special grade of salt. You dissolve it in deionized water and then you feed it to that plant. This is our fallback plant, but the design of our system takes our wastewater, moves it through a series of purification stages. It concentrates it and it feeds very high purity brine into the Chloralkali. We have been testing the brine systems. We are quite happy that we are achieving the specifications necessary for that brine to be fed into the Chloralkali.

        So your point is well taken. The waste water has to be converted to pure brine. I'm not familiar with their purification scheme. But the fact that it has been technically feasible in testing is good. Your objection seems to be one they are aware of.

    • MCP is an absolute gift at these prices !

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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