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  • bob.whitehill bob.whitehill Aug 9, 2013 11:31 AM Flag

    $6 coming....make your bets

    And save your breath ... arguing with the king won't get you anywhere.

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    • so following your post is the 5$ range a good entry point ??

    • Dear Potential Investor,

      Note the date of this post. Now go look at the MCP stock price history and you will see very quickly that you would have made money following my guidance.

      I will take this to $5 if the regulars here fail to crown me king. Yes, it is a fetish of mine to get public acknowledgement of superiority. So if you care about making money, I advise you to persuade people like Votingmachine and cb_cb_480 and cruelly_malicious and other "regular bulls" to not only congratulate me for making the right calls, but to also admit that they were wrong and that there is more to Bob Whitehill than meets the eye. Not much to ask when you consider how much is at stake, no? Or are their egos something you want to stroke in the face of losing even more money? The choice is yours.

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      • right or wrong you come across as a hole of the a-type

      • OK then congratulations on THAT call. I don't need congratulations when I am right on a call, I just take the money.

        I am constantly amazed that anyone can post as though what they post anonymously on a Yahoo MB constitutes a valid investment or trading basis. Why bother with that claim. You were right on this just as you were wrong when it was $5.60 and you said it would never go over $8.

        I'm not wrong, I'm long. The price swing from August 9th to August 21st in the absence of relevant market news, is something I just don't try to predict. I am long because I think the fundamental business plan is worth investing in for a long term gain. There was nothing that happened those days to change my opinion. Some lawsuits were announced ... I don't think those influenced the market price determination.

        I am doubtful that you will survive and prosper with a strategy of short term trades. If you made money ... well then you don't need my recognition ... have your tax accountant congratulate you at the end of the year.

        Go ahead and take it to $5. That claim is funny to me as I've noticed that the market determines the price. I challenge you to do it. I say you are not the king unless this stock trades at $5.00. You say you can. It is money on the table. Make the trade and move the price.

      • Listen bob.blackslope, don't pick on my peeps cb and the v-man!!!! Oh this i state and make it clear; there will come a time when you will be wrong on your GUESSES and at that time i will bet that you will not post nor will we hear a peep from you ....

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