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  • dbr_x60 dbr_x60 Aug 13, 2013 7:31 AM Flag

    Musk's Hyperloop

    Plan is to use magnets....can you imagine the growth for MCP!

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    • I don't know either way, but a previous poster said Musk's Hyperloop has no magnets. Just sayin'..........

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      • For propulsion will be used induction motors like in Tesla. There will be also magnetic field but I guess you don't need to have REE magnets for that.

      • Railgun/MagLev requires rare earth elements to make the high power permanent magnets and it takes quite a bit of electricity to power the electro-magnets. Maglev is faster and smoother than rail - but rail is still more energy efficient and cheaper to make. The Shanghai Maglev has a top speed of 268 mph but normally goes at 200 mph.

        It is about 360 miles from San Francisco to LA - about 8 hour drive by car. From San Francisco/Emeryville to LA using Amtrak's Coast Starlight. Reportedly takes about 12 hours and a one way ticket cost from $50 to $600. If you book a flight early enough from San Francisco to LAX a one way ticket will cost about $200 to 300 and a late ticket would cost about $450 (before all the other fees and taxes are piled on). A regular bullet train or Maglev would take about 1.5 hours to make the trip from San Francisco to LA.

        Elon Musk's Hyperloop desigin concept is basically mating a Maglev with a pneumatic tube-like track (like the ones used by bank tellers) that would lowers aerodynamic drag forces so the top Maglev speed can be tripled (700 mph) and thereby drop the SF-to-LA time to 30 minutes.

        The hyperloop's pod design is simple enough but maintaining the track could be expensive.

        All this makes me think of the Simpson's Monorail episode...

      • As if the previous poster knew. The only way you can achieve the speeds Musk is talking about is with the help of magnetic levitation, at least for terrestrial links.

      • Just got this from a Bing post: (This neatly ties in with Musk’s comments that the Hyperloop will be a “cross between a Concorde and a railgun and an air hockey table.”) From this article, they seem to be just guessing how this is going to be done.

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