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  • crapaddy1981 crapaddy1981 Aug 29, 2013 8:36 AM Flag

    This Message Board is a joke

    Pretty much every day everyone's saying, this is going to explode, say hello to the 10's, sell your shorts now or you're going to die, 9 by the end of the day.

    Do you guys even realize that every single time you say something like this with a specified time it never happens and then you just say it the next day? Just look at all of the posts right before earnings. I was holding out for earnings hoping for a jump even though it wasn't even a reasonable expectation and look what happened. After that you all immediately forgot the hundreds of posts and said next earnings we'll be in the teens, blah blah blah blah.

    Just look at another post where someone mentioned HLF! If Carl Ichan comes along and makes a big investment then sure. It also mentions the 48 million shorts. Hmmm, why is the short interest ridiculously high? Let's think for a minute, is it because we're smarter than SOOO MANY PEOPLE?

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    • shortcakes_into_toast shortcakes_into_toast Aug 31, 2013 11:28 AM Flag

      Hey blo hard..y don't u sht th fk up..get a job and quit whinning here...u are a bagholda.. how are those 50 dolla long shares doing? LOL

    • I got out at $8. Still check back periodically but there's no reason to believe the "short covering" and all of the usual BS is gonna happen anytime soon. There are valid reasons why this stock is heavily shorted and why it's done nothing. There may be a day when this thing goes back into the $20s or more, but it ain't gonna happen overnight on some magical short covering.

      I see the short covering predictions on so many heavily shorted stocks. I don't see the prediction come true very often.

    • What you've posted is factual, simple uncontroversial truth. Yet you still get "Thumbs Down" Not what they are wanting to hear. Just sayin'............

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    • By the way, not to mention all the technical analysts with their gaps, teacup handles, candles, etc. I personally don't believe in TA, but many do. In any event, I doubt seriously if this stock has behaved according to any generally accepted models over the past 9 months. At least it hasn't done ANY of the things the TA's on this board have predicted.

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    • Thank you for articulating so eloquently what I have been saying on this board for quite some time! There are a few posters who are very knowledeable on both sides who post excellent info and are generally a good read. Unfortunately the board seems to be taken over by just what you've described. I think they are mostly honestly posting what they either expect or hope to see based on nothing but their emotions. I happen to feel that this stock can eventually have a huge upside, but it doesn't seem as though that is right around the corner, although I'll be very happy to be proven wrong about that.

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      • The thing is that I AM LONG!!!! and I'm complaining about these idiots spewing nonsense. I agree, I don't think they're shills, but at what point do you look back and think I've said this 20 times and it hasn't happened, maybe the 21st time it'll happen. It's like if you work at 20 places and everyone hates at every single job, maybe it's not the world against you.

      • Finally a level headed string. Need catalysts (no pun) and improvement in operating margins to make any significant move upwards. The technical stuff just projects expectations on where it will trade with no guarantees. Accumulate and lower your cost basis whenever you can if you believe this is the bottom range, otherwise hedge.

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