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  • cb_cb480 cb_cb480 Oct 9, 2013 12:36 PM Flag



    there are only so many outstanding shares 188 million ....shorts act like there are unlimited shares for sale as if they can put in an order for 48 million anytime they wish but thats not reality

    Truth is shorts do need to buy 48 million of those shares somehow but very few shares are for sale ......... so who owns those shares now and how to Bears buy them

    1) insiders own about 128 million as of Oct 1 2013 or about 60%

    2) retail longs its impossible to know exactly how many of us there are so IM guessing 10 million shares as we are a small group so about 5%

    3) 216 mutual funds own the rest about 40 - 50 million shares or about 35 - 40%

    4) now insider Molymet wants to buy 20 million more shares

    I keep asking where will shorts get 48 million shares once Molymet gets another 20 million theres not much left for the shorts to buy

    5) Insiders are buyer not sellers and will make the shorts pay over $50 for any of their shares

    6) Some longs may be happy to double their money here and sell too soon

    7) 216 mutual funds are not suddenly going to sell all at once every share they own in fact, as the molycorp prices rises funds will also become buyers

    8) In summation BEARS are trapped here with no exit you have seen the daily scare tactics of these BUG con artists who might work for the shorts ...they lie steal cheat but bottom line is the BIG BEARS know they have a massive problem ........

    9) in a short squeeze common sense is thrown away and panic rules the day ... market prices move violently it wont surprise me to see a $20 up move in any one trading day here.... it sounds crazy but its what happens when Bear throws a market order of 1 million shares to buy and there is no supply .... limit orders way above the current market get triggered as they search for selling supply until that 1 million share buy order is filled .... we could very well see this stock trade over $250 in a major squeeze which if you follow my math its 100% certain to happen ..

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