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  • hot_zendog hot_zendog Oct 15, 2013 9:43 AM Flag

    Call options mostly up

    Don't get scared. This is just financing. All ree stocks were hit by this...

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • shorted this POS in the AM, going to new lows

    • You hang in there boy. You're one of the few remaining of cb_cb480s's mindless groupies. Not only did he make you make money by allowing you to lower your cost basis by buying shares today at a bargain price, but per your post above, you've also been able to make money on long call positions at the same time.

      May I remind you of the thread you started on October 4, "Scam artists from the Bronx Zoo", in which you wrote "Scam artists from the Bronx Zoo
      Trying to bully you. DO NOT TRUST THEM. Options confirm this will be $9+++ by Dec"

      to which I responded
      "For the benefit of those board readers who are not as gifted in financial mathematics and the arcana of derivatives pricing as you obviously are, please provide a detailed explanation/derivation as to how you determined that options confirm this will be $9+++ by Dec.

      Thank you in advance."

      to which you responded
      "Please confirm that you are trying to analyze a genuine material real commodity company in the highest value space of all globally, as if it were some Ponzi scheme bank or mortgage company.

      Go away. This is the real gem of the market."

      to which I responded
      "Quite apart from the investment merits of MCP, even though they may be wonderful, you have clearly demonstrated your true (or should I say false) colors. You have been called out on making something up. Are we to believe that your assertion in the post above is the one and only instance of your making something up in your posts on this board?

      I stand for truth, justice and the American way. What do you stand for, making something up and trying to denigrate anyone revealing your fabrications?"

      Well, do these call options now that per you they have gone up (most of them anyway), confirm MCP will be even higher than $9+++ by Dec.? If you have a convincing proof of that, you may be in line for the Nobel Prize in Economics. Assuming a 3-way split on the Nobel prize, your 400K+ cut ought to more than make up for your MCP losses.

    • Call options mostly up? Excuse me? What methanol moonshine have you been drinking?

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