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  • arnoldcklee arnoldcklee Mar 31, 2014 11:54 AM Flag

    Long MCP, but losing hope. Sick of seeing this go down!!!

    C'mon MCP, where are thr catalysts or good news to put these shorts in their place???????? is this going to be a slow, painful death this summer??? I've been long since last June and getting tired of management. they really have been saying the same positive stuff all along. SHOW US SOMETHING!!!!!!!

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    • The catalyst would most likely be an earnings beat that is tied to future indicators that the business plan, as laid out by management, is going to work. There has been a long run of quarters where the progress (in all senses) at earnings is less than the progress predicted at the previous earnings. It would be great for confidence if, for once, they met or exceeded projections.

      Right before the last CC, this board was filled with posts about how Project Phoenix would never be finished, how something went terribly wrong and it would cost all their cash to fix, etc. The update that the Chlor Alkali was finished took away some of the risk, and made the road to profitability clearer. But for the next CC, they need to show some movement in productions costs. And, please, MCP, not so many excuses (it was cold!).

      But any evidence of prices/demand rising, any derailment of Lynas, any major deal or announcement, any indication that significant Sorbx sales have been secured or are forthcoming, any significant improvement in any portion of MCP's business -- all could move sentiment in a significant way.

      Here's the sum: going to 1) lower costs, 2) sell downstream products, 3) sell lanthanum locally, 4) work on cerium products, 5) manage cash. We'll see at next CC; but the final answer to your question might be a while coming.

    • MCP ready to rise

    • I know its hard to give up on something but MCP is all the things you say ... and more. I went into this thing thinking it couldn't go lower now that the Chinese 'pop' is over but REE prices have NOT bounced back and MCP's hopes are all based on that regardless of what management says. If they DON'T, MCP will have to go back to investors for another round of financing and if they get it, it will be at a far lower price than last time. If they dont, well...

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