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  • geist.gunter geist.gunter May 8, 2014 4:15 PM Flag

    Why so silent, "Bright_invest_mcp" and "Zeb1go??????


    Please return and regale all the message board with your incessant rare earth pump LIES and pump NONSENSE!!!!!

    We want to hear you repeat ad nauseam the following BOGUS pumps:

    1. The rare earth short squeeze about to rocket MCP trash to the sky (NEVER happens!)
    2. The chinese cut off of rare earths to N. America (NEVER happens!)
    3. The imminent takeover of rare earth penny jokes by acquisitor corps ready to pay hefty premiums (NEVER happens!)
    4. The amazing beat of earnings estimates by rare earth corp sleaze managements (NEVER happens!)

    Etc. etc. etc. etc.

    COME BACK, my sweet little WRONG WAY rare earth pumpster LIARS....we all want to hear your latest rare earth PUMP NONSENSE because we depend upon YOU for our daily COMEDY relief!!!!!


    This topic is deleted.
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