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  • cb_cb480 cb_cb480 Jul 24, 2014 11:28 PM Flag



    I read these posts from time to time and I keep wondering what happened to common sense? I call this MCP blog BUG infected ...........try to think outside the BUG BS for one minute

    Imagine that you are short MCP since ( pick a number $79) you have huge unrealized gains......but you refuse to cover and take profits below $2 a share because why exactly?? .... think hard about why you dont cover ....OH yea thats right ..... You want the last $2 and you're willing to risk unlimited upside to get that last $2 ?? You have come to hate MCP so much you;re willing to throw away profits ..... thats your reason for staying?

    Really?? Hello I dont think so ...common sense should say ...... " Everyone one of us would ring the "FN" bell and call it a score" !!! Slam Dunk...time to party !! It doesn't get any better then that when investing....

    But thats not whats going on here is it... nop the shorts are all still here..and you all keep asking why .you all keep repeating the same BUG BS .... the BUGS have you all paranoid into thinking BUG thoughts... you weak handed longs all waiting to get back in will miss the move because you have lost your common sense.......

    the shorts can't cover because they need almost 70 million longs shares to sell....what about that donut you get yet... its not magic longs must sell shares so shorts can cover..... you do know this right? Shorts are obligated to return the borrowed shares but longs are not obligated to sell them.... shorts have the risk to return shares

    ... thats the only reason the shorts are still here they are trapped ...hoping for a miracle so they aren't forced to cover .... MCP will never go bankrupt ...... production ramp up will happen ..... EVENTUALLY SHORTS WILL COVER

    BUGS will tell you that any time they want 70 million shares its easy just buy them in the market as longs like me are justing waiting to sell our shares down here on the bottom .... us real longs want to help every short to cover .. COMMON SENSE!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • There goes the pathetic WRONG WAY rare earth pump FOOL, babbling total NONSENSE again---and NOT one speck of credibility! NO surprise, since he and his various ID aliases spend most of the time on this bagholder board trying to DUPE amateur fools into buying WORTHLESS rare earth CALL options, again and again and again.

      As I tried to teach the rare earth amateur SUCKERS, when MCP penny poop likely receives a delisting within the next 12 months or less, then given it will no longer be trading on any exchange, then that means there will be NO requirement to cover shorted shares ---nobody will wish the return of shares that no longer trade anywhere, now will they?????

      Do you follow????? Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh??? Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuhh?? LOL

    • I am one of those shorts you are talking about and my reason for not covering is because this stock is going to zero in the near future........what risk? The risk was taken by longs years ago. Betting on a disabled horse and hoping for a jesus miracle.

    • before_dec_mcp10bucks before_dec_mcp10bucks Jul 24, 2014 11:45 PM Flag

      CB, I don't see those paranoids on my screen anymore, they are filtered out, but I do see the immediate thumbs down from the HEDGE FUND "HIRE THE HANDICAPPED NEPHEW" MINION ... HE FELL ON HIS HEAD TOO MANY TIMES AND JUST SITS THERE AND CLICKS THUMBS DOWN ON EVERY REALISTIC POST....

      Where do these people come from? Maybe the US should reinstate the draft and show them DISCIPLINE.

      Or go work at freaking McDonalds, flip those burgers. Build character.

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