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  • sharpshell23 sharpshell23 Dec 10, 2013 1:33 PM Flag

    Disgraceful Dividends

    On Dec 6 - I received 0.405 as a dividend on FBIOX. For shame Fidelity! You can bet your life the fund manager won't receive such a pittance. Accordingly the company brags about 62.30 performance for the year!!

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    • In April 2012 it paid out a pretty good distribution. I am thinking that may happen again being the fund has done so well. We will see what happens.

    • Not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to calculating dividend payout methods are you,
      a manager can only payout dividends if the fund has taken in dividends or interest, biotech companies
      typically do not pay dividends because everything goes into R&D, and dividends would be a taxable
      event...cannot imagine anyone who owns FBIOX, other than you, is complaining!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • i used to own this fund, payed a large upfront load on it, got ot, never got back to price i payed, anyway congrats to those who stuck it out! reason Y i am posting, i own contrafund, and i too feel we r not being fairly treated with our so called divi's/ cap gains/ distributions, whatever u want to call it... the fund wiped out billions of dollars to give a cap gains when 80% of its largest holdings give a divi... something stinks here, FCNTX, look into it to me its a wash if u wipe out billions to give you new shares at the reduced price!!!!!!

    • Out of the top 10 holdings in FBIOX, the only position that paid a dividend was AMGEN INC, That makes sense to me why there was only a $0.40 dividend paid to shareholders. I would have to believe that Rajiv has an insane amount of unrealized capital gains, that when sold, will be given to shareholders this April or December.

    • How do I get their complete portfolio?

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      • Sorry, I tried to post a URL for you, but the board won't allow it. What you need to do is go to the main Fidelity page, and hover over Research. Then select the Mutual Funds menu choice. Once there, enter FBIOX into the Look Up Funds box, and click Go. It will find one fund, listed as "FBIOX Summary - Select Biotechnology". Click on that text, and it will bring you to FBIOX's page.

        On that page, near the top right, in blue, is a link that says "Prospectus & Reports". Click that, and you will be presented (in a new window) with a list of various documents, including the Prospectus, Statement of Additional Info, Annual Report, Semi-Annual Report, Shareholder Update, and a Monthly Holdings Report.


    • Good question???? Maybe in April they will distribute a nice amount. I cannot figure why being the fund has had such a run.

    • I hate to complain on a big up-day on the market but I will anyway.
      Why doesn't FBIOX give out big dividend or cap gain like the other Fidelity funds??? Here are the Fidelity select funds that ex-dividend today. (Several others gave dividends last week.)
      FPHAX - FIDELITY SELECT PHARMACEUTICAL : A dividend of 0.122 per share and long-term capital gain of 1.547 per share, declared on 12/20/2013, will be posted to your account on 12/23/2013.
      FSCHX - FIDELITY SELECT CHEMICALS : A dividend of 0.849 per share, short-term capital gain of 1.256 per share, and long-term capital gain of 4.007 per share, declared on 12/20/2013, will be posted to your account on 12/23/2013.
      FSCSX - FIDELITY SELECT SOFTWARE & COMPUTER: A short-term capital gain of 2.275 per share and long-term capital gain of 3.329 per share, declared on 12/20/2013, will be posted to your account on 12/20/2013.
      FSPHX - FIDELITY SELECT HEALTH CARE: A short-term capital gain of 5.665 per share and long-term capital gain of 10.335 per share, declared on 12/20/2013, will be posted to your account on 12/20/2013.
      FSTCX - FIDELITY SELECT TELECOMM: A dividend of 1.075 per share and short-term capital gain of 0.005 per share, declared on 12/20/2013, will be posted to your account on 12/23/2013.

    • To complain about anything after the way this fund has performed is mad!

    • 171.18 - 5.43 (-3.07%) Dec 11
      Today's close frickin' looks like ex-dividend, except sadly it isn't. :-X

      This fund would likely have most of the same holdings (ie. growth stocks) as last year. So why was the payout so grand in 2012 and not this year? My guess is by keeping the price-per-share high, they likely want to attract higher-end investors such as you and me. ;) And discourage short-term traders.

    • well I am no expert here but aren't FBIOX dividends based upon the stock dividend payouts that the fund holds? Therefore I don't believe you can blame Fidelity. These are growth stocks, not dividend payers.

    • I'm new to this forum and to investing, but what do you suppose is Fidelity's rationale behind such a small distribution for one of it's best performing funds?

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      • To me, it doesn't bother me at all, because if Fidelity distributes the appreciation on this fund value, then I have to pay cap gain tax on it for this year. If they don't, then I can delay the cap gain tax until whenever I decide to sell the fund (partially or entirely) then pay the tax at the time of sale. This way I have the control of when I wanted to withdraw the cash and pay the tax. The increase in fund value this year is real; i. e. it's your money and you can decide when you want to cash out anytime you desire.
        Moreover, I still think they might distribute the cap gain resulted from the purchase of Onyxx by Amgen, probably early next year.
        Also as the others said here, the dividend from biotech firms are usually very low. So FBIOX is not the fund for dividend seekers.

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