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  • koolsdguy koolsdguy Dec 23, 2010 10:06 AM Flag

    BSFT true value = $15/share

    I just punched in some earnings numbers, some growth expectations, a very liberal bullish VoIp future taken into account, and I come up with $15/share value for BSFT

    I am not saying it will go down to $15 from here on as this one may be supremely manipulated. and even if it does go down to $15, do NOT say phew, we finally reached the target, the pain is done and gone, and we go up now. NO NO NO

    The manipulation may allow it to go to $5 if it ever reaches $15 first.

    $15/share = true value, but they may push this up to $30 1st and then drop it like a rock back to $5 or so, or until a point SEC seems trading halt as neccessary due to unbelievable trading rises/freefalls.

    Yahoo estimate is also around $15. Enjoy being taken for a ride like helpless dumb animals, up now... down later!!

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