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  • loual49 loual49 Nov 3, 2009 12:56 PM Flag

    Another company....

    I just got out of both ECOS and Zenn.
    ECOS because oil and water don't mix. As in their fule statements.
    Zenn because Eestor has not shown any proof yet. Period.
    Without Eestor coming thru Zenn is worthless
    as acknowledged by all .
    Their is a blog the eestor story
    with tons of info
    how much is true I cannot figure out.Good luck to each of you.

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    • Micro-bubbles in m-fuel aren't like shaking a salad dressing to mix water and oil.

      They are talking about sub-micron droplet sizes. 1 micron is 1 millionth of a meter, as in there's 1000 microns in 1 millimeter. There are over 25,400 microns in an inch.

      M-fuel blends molecules of water (H2O) with the hyrdocarbons of various oils (methanol is CH3OH for example).

      M-fuel is a new fuel type, it isn't just a mixture of water and oil.

      The technolgy happens to allow m-fuel to be created on site with whatever fuel type is available for the equipment in question.

      The fuel savings alone make it economically viable.

      The carbon credits (which are international by the way, not just used for U.S. "cap and trade") are a side effect that may or may not prove to be more profitable than the fuel savings.

      • 2 Replies to sleeping_dragon30
      • Mr Sleeping You are more awake than I am.
        I made a bit of $$ off ECOS and hope you all do.
        Just for the sake of discussion
        As I understand it
        a molecule is the smallest piece of something
        that retains the properties of the material ???
        Now to get away from reality:
        How could a small $$ wise company have the secret new fule ?? There are MANY replies but
        I had to think on that one.
        Seperate subject : Wild things going on with MXWL. I don't know why but dropped a bunch of $$
        to pick up on the cheap.

      • Well put, most people don't even understand what ECOS is about. I had already several contacts with the company and will attend the demonstrations in Korea on november 18th. Myself I'm more interested in their CNT-Battery. For the record I'm Belgian and even we already heard about this tiny company with great products. They told me that the would release several products during 2010 as test results will end and approvals come in for several countries. I got already a lot of technical info and they where so convincing that I became a shareholder at .50 today.

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