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  • hoedeehoe hoedeehoe Jul 24, 2013 11:25 AM Flag

    RXIID - Another Krieg#$%$ scam!

    1-30 split! LOL! What a bunch of #$%$ eating dirt bags! Krieg#$%$ would sell his own mother for a dime. And did!

    When he first bought into CYTR ELEVEN years ago it was an AIDS based company. He then changed it to ALS based, because, quote unquote - a family member had died of this terrible disease. I believe he said at the time it was his mother. Wildwest can confirm all this because he was around then too! Unlike Troublesacomin who is the latest drugpusher on the block, obviously drafted in by Krie#$%$ and his cronies to help suck more money out of any new shareholders that get snagged, by touting this pos as the new wonder cure for Cancer/AIDS/ALS and whatever Krieg#$%$'s next focus happens to be.

    Then when Kriek#$%$ had taken the last cent out of his investors' pockets on the AIDS/ALS/R.N.A.I scam, including 10 million dollars from the Los Angeles ALS foundation, he changed tack to R.N.A.I and latterly [after another scam spin-off into RXII] he changed tack again; this time to Oncology and another spin-off into GALE]. It would be laughable if it wasn't true.

    RXII which IPO'd at $20 + in real money is now trading at less than .20cents real money. Do you really want to invest in this new crapola?

    I'm truly, truly amazed that Wall St hasn't put a contract out because he is bringing even those pillars of society into disrepute with his blatantly fraudulent activities. He makes freaking Bernie look honest! When is the SEC/FINRA going to put this #$%$ where he belongs?

    All imo of course! LOL!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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