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  • lessman4 lessman4 Mar 13, 2014 12:08 PM Flag

    PR Crisis

    Like a lot of people here, I'm taking a beating. But, why is it really happening. No great news recently?
    That makes sense presumably they're doing their work and testing drugs. No partnership announcement or buyout? Understandable -- it could be in the works. We don't know. What are they going to say until and unless it actually happens.
    The biggest issue is the PR #$%$. Did they promote their company? Yes. Did they pay for it. Yes. Is that illegal. No. Did they put out facts that were not true? I don't know, but I doubt it. Were there jackasses using aliases to promote, yes. And, that looks bad. And, they should address it. They likely didn't do enough DD to vet the firms to make sure this #$%$ didn't happen. Maybe they didn't care and they turned a blind eye to it. Is it illegal. I doubt it. Many companies pay to promote themselves. This one just did it in a way that turned out to look bad. But, is it anything really more than it looks bad?

    The facts haven't changed, as far as I can tell. They have a very promising drug. Was any data manipulated. I hightly doubt it. Does the FDA appear to like what is sees -- yes. This appears to me to be a PR crisis that they are not handling well. If the drug actually works anywhere near the level that many think it will, this is a huge stock with huge upward potential. I'm #$%$ that it's taking a huge hit. But, I'm not sure any fundamentals have changed. I don't want to minimize the situation by saying this is just noise, because the noise seems very loud right now, but is it really much more than that?

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    • its called fraud by the founders and board to overhype....I am long and holding but this is criminal...its not just a PR snafu

    • Its very sad as the drug is very promising. But this has now hit the fan. The fact Gale was a CYTR spinoff did not help. They made their cash there and so did the CEO as a board member. I did not like the dilution of the stock but it was necessary for phase 3 ( or so they said) but then the stock sells off day after day with no PR or anyone stepping up to the plate since the last earnings. The management does not have to sell the stock they can pay them selves from the 86 million raised.
      I was not aware the Phase 2 was done in third world countries in the majority which can't be fully ascertained. Easy way to move money offshore in many cases.
      Phase 3 results not expected till 2017 to 2018 seem way off for a derivative of an existing drug. Now I begin to wonder. In the meantime the stock is under a massive short attack and Kriegsman is as quiet as a church mouse. Now they will claim no comment because of the new Class Action. Well the Rosen and company should name Richard Pearson as a defendant too along with Adam F.
      If this was published only to short the stock the gains should be disgorged. If management is misappropriating money and there will be an SEC investigation now, it should be halted till the facts are out and take profits from both sides of this massive manipulation.

    • "IR Gate" with 300 dollar articles deflating the price of a company stock nearly in half. Pretty sad what this world has come to.

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    • Blind leading the blind

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      • I don't know if I'm blind or that I'm leading the blind. I know I don't play this game as well as many, as you could probably make a mint on this stock trading it daily. I didn't. And, I don't know how much manipulation takes place with these stocks, as many claim. I'm just trying to apply some common sense to the situation. I see the huge PR crisis. I think the company handled that poorly. But, does it really change the facts? Is the drug promising? Frankly, it appears to be hugely promising and I very strongly doubt the results were fabricated. If the drug does what it has already appeared to do, then I think most would agree that it will be a game-changer. The company has a sizable amount of money. Did they raise it to go it alone or have better leverage to make a deal. I don't know. You don't know. But, it appears that people are jumping out due to lack of great news and this big "Dream Team" issue. Choosing that firm to do PR may have showed poor judgment. Again, does it change the facts? If you think it does, tell me how. I'm not saying I know more than anyone -- I may not. I'm neither pumping nor bashing the stock. Again, I'm just trying to apply some common sense here. Perhaps with these stocks, common sense isn't the answer. I just got tired of reading everyone's rants and decided to chime in with my two cents (unfortunately, with this stock action, those two cents may be all I have left).

    • Bingo. Nice post.

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