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  • zoomlik zoomlik Jul 16, 2014 2:14 PM Flag

    OS data from ph2 ..

    probability of control group to be alive 250 days after completion of enrollment is 10%.
    Enrollment completed June 2013

    Today is 380 days after completion.

    It may drift to low $3 or even $2.5 .. who knows ... but open above $5.3 on OS report data

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    • "..probability of control group to be alive 250 days after completion of enrollment is 10%.."

      Can u please share the source for this data?

    • Thanks for this post.
      It very well could...we need to get this GBM news out of the way.
      I am NOT counting on good news and that would be a total surprise if they said it passes BB and is effective. I believe the shorts are taking advantages of several vantage points:
      1. Correction #2 of biotech and they are pushing for a complete Trend Reversal.
      2. No Near Term Catalyst that could make this flat out Erupt from STS that I am aware of.
      3. Poor Management Team with Kriegsman at the Helm.
      4. Stock Options given out the day before trial release in December adds to this.
      5. The GBM trial in which shorts believe even prelim will not be good.
      6. NSCLC not being initiated prior to GBM.
      7. No Announcement of any more drugs to their Platinum based.
      8. Yellen opening her wide mouth about Over Valuations of Small Caps in the Biotech she really freaking knows--that should be the LEAST of her worries, why she said this....likely she's either an idiot or a thief who took money from a large Hedgie to say this.
      9. Slow time of year provides Shorts with more fuel to play with the Retailers.
      When everyone gets off vacation and gets back to business and Volume begins to once again pick up I believe these small cap Bio's will begin heading back up. This could take a while and we are kind of in a dead period in which the shorts are playing a cat and mouse game with uneducated retailers and you can see by the panic selling that they are winning right now.
      Institutions will be suffice in waiting to buy lower -- this is a slow period for them as they are in research and analyze mode on what they will do and monitoring the new buys this year.
      Another month and things should get better.

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      • Just to mention the IBB index is going down and there is some support around 244 but if it breaks below that it is like to go to around 233-235...which is quite a ways, another 6% and the shorts are always watching this and making some plays accordingly. This could have implications on all the small bios also. Hopefully in about two weeks this will begin to slowly fight its way back.

    • Can you tell me when the last report on OS in that study was reported and where I can find the details? Thanks for any help.

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