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  • blackron44 blackron44 Apr 9, 2013 9:15 AM Flag

    baldingcontrarian owns Jsda thats why hes here......

    He's here posting negativity just because he is trying to bring us down... Don't let him... He's mad cause I posted on their board the other day just spreading the word of Pulse.. By the way baldy you can still pick up some shares of PLSB but ya better hurry cause its not going to be here long...

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    • Hello Blackron44!! finally I get to chat with you. My family and I have been drinking Cabana since March of 2012 when my wife brought it home from a gas station in Kansas/Missouri. We stopped buying pop, and drink strictly Cabana which I buy at our local HyVee. My boys both LOVE the Cabana, and I purchased for a young neighbor family next door, and they are hooked as well. I've also been able to get many of our extended family members to try it, and not one of them disliked the lemonade and continue to buy on their own.
      I have a case of the Pulse drinks that is to arrive tomorrow morning and I cannot wait to try it. I will let you know my thoughts. I was also able to speak directly with Mr. Yates late last year, and they have a lot of activity coming out this year, all awesome. It's always good to remind people that Coke and Pepsi are both looking for the next billion dollar niche, NON-carbonated, healthy beverage line to pick up their sagging soft drink lines. Coke, I believe, gets 92% of its revenue from pop, and Pepsi, 40+%. If you go out an investigate Pepsi's interests, they are currently working on their "HEALTHY" line up. Coke is also using their little group that is on the search, and they keep bringing up Pulse. Anyway, keep up the positive thoughts and I think this is going to be a winner.

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      • Hi buddy... Thank you for the kind words... I'm glad to see you and your family and friends are enjoying the lemonade flavors... I have also tried them and thought they were very good also.. I had to drive an hour to get mine but it was worth it..I have friends that work for R.L. Lipton Co. near my home in Youngstown, Ohio...They got their first shipment of Cabana a couple weeks ago and I spoke with them last Friday, they said the product is on the shelves.. I said great where at? and he replied they didn't put it Columbiana county in which I live.. LOL.. figures..But I'm certain it will be soon.. I am looking forward to your response on the taste of the Pulse health drink. I haven't had an opportunity to try it.. And I like you truly believe it will be a winner.. We just have to be patient.. Look forward to chatting with you soon... Ron

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      • Are you an actual distributor of other products?

    • not so much mad. I own REED too. I once owned HANS and even BRVO and a 125 others. take care. can i just watch now? It is not about me it is about my passion for due diligence.

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