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  • baldingcontrarian baldingcontrarian Nov 17, 2013 6:15 AM Flag

    people like franktulo and blackron thought

    i was bashing to buy in eventually. like I told you for growth I bot more REED, and just cashed out btw to buy a dip.
    I gave you real signs of danger from 1.40 on down, not mythical bashing.
    Now they are running at 20% of target, as expressed in the annual report in march.
    It should be extremely disconcerting that yates doesn't tout sell through, and has a ridiculous excuse, blaming the stores for not shelving this year.....please. He is an industry vet, he knows this is not the actual truth.
    Notice how they are losing almost a dollar for every dollar of revenue, and don't talk about their cash position and its vulnerability. To ramp up production and the expenses are only going up from here, slotting, marketing, sales, etc
    they will require more capital in the next 6 months. But no mention, like before in prior releases, about how money is knocking at their door.
    No more pie in the sky predictions about ever being cash flow positive. Remember just 6 months ago they were pumping saying they would be cash flow positive by end of q2 13.
    So where does the dilution, assuming a funding source, occur?
    .40 cents like last time?
    maybe 30 or 25 to compensate for management's credibility gap. You know a margin of safety, lol, for the investors.
    So figure another 10-20MM shares at .30 to buy another years worth of losses.
    Sorry to the people who would believe the pumpers.
    Hopefully my advice helped people to dig deeper.
    \This is really not a hard company to analyze. Not at all.

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    • Crichton, I am not here to buy or short, I am here to help people understand that misallocating capital towards guaranteed unsuccessful ventures as this thwarts productive capitalism.

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      • Bald & Boring,

        Forgot to add: just noticed JSDA (as in Jones Soda) dropped 32% over the past month! You seem to be conspicuously absent from that board of late. I think the last post to your loyal followers was something about $0.59 - $0.60 being a good place to buy. Oh, did I mention that JSDA is a MATURE company selling product through an extensive national distribution network while PLSB is still in the process of building theirs?

        It remains to be seen whether or not PLSB will take off but their YOY sales data look solid and their distribution network is growing AS PLANNED. The stock is oversold IMO and I can see some buyers slowly coming back after the holidays. Not likely to trade much above $0.55 area IMO until next batch of sales data comes out.

        Regarding JSDA: it's clearly evident they're on life support and the next couple of Q's are going to be make or break for them.

      • Hairless and Hopeless,

        But buying your oft recommended Jones Soda is an example of the PROPER allocation of capital? Talk about a "guaranteed unsuccessful venture", here are just a few choice quotes from their recent Q3 10-Q:

        "We may require additional financing to support our working capital needs in the future."

        Remember, this is a mature company, not a start-up. They're barely generating enough sales to pay the bills for now.

        "Although we believe various debt and equity financing alternatives will be available to us to support our working capital needs, new debt or equity financing arrangements may not be available to us when needed on acceptable terms, if at all. Additionally, these alternatives may require significant cash payments for interest and other costs or could be highly dilutive to our existing shareholders."

        "... or could be highly dilutive to our share holders ... ". SAY WHAT?!! Isn't this one of the things you keep bashing on about with Pulse Bev?

        "Any such financing alternatives may not provide us with sufficient funds to meet our long-term capital requirements. If necessary, we may explore strategic transactions that we consider to be in the best interest of us and our shareholders, which may include, without limitation, public or private offerings of debt or equity securities, a rights offering, and other strategic alternatives; however, these options may not ultimately be available or feasible. "

        In other words: Jones may have to issue more stock to raise cash. Uh, wouldn't that be shareholder DILUTION? And now [cue drum roll please], my favorite quote: "The uncertainties relating to our ability to successfully execute our 2013 Turnaround Plan, combined with the difficult financing environment, continue to raise substantial doubt about our ability to continue as a going concern."

        Yup, I can see why you like JSDA -- a total loser company for total penny stock pumper/basher losers like you.

    • baldingcontrarian

      There is no doubt the co. was pumped by coverage, saying 2013 rev at 5.3M and 2014 rev est. at 22M with price target of $2.25. Before that estimates were even more outrageous (30M for 2013 by NBT equity).
      Due to that its easy to see PPS was inflated. The P/S was around 15 at its peak I believe(where others in industry were below 5), but its P/B (tang. and tot equity) was and still is better than industry including REED.

      You remarked co. is not hard to analyze: Not hard to see it was over-valued for above reasons but the future is a different story. Its a new company and its future is going to be dependent on acceptance of signature product, the distr. chain is in place.

    • plus they reported a non gaap number, gross sales, without a disclaimer that it is not a gaap number. sales were a flat 1mm.

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      • "... they reported a non gaap number, gross sales, without a disclaimer that it is not a gaap number. "

        And exactly how do you know it's a non-GAAP number if there's no disclaimer? What are you looking at? The Summary or the full report? What are you talking about? Are you referring to the missing tabular display in the Summary comparing GAAP & EBITDA data, like they did last Q? If you look at the Q3-2012 10-Q, you'll see it was written in the same format. The full 10-Q reports Gross Sales as $1.1M unaudited (which is stated)

        "Flat" sales compared with last Q reflects the fact that only one product line is doing the heavy lifting right now -- Cabana Lemonade. This is a seasonal product so sales numbers can vary from Q to Q. Q2 sales were 126K cases, Q3 sakes were 93K. Still, I found the 26% drop a bit disconcerting and suspect that's why a lot of shareholders dumped PLSB.

        Mgmt. seems to be pumping YOY performance which is pretty much a slam-dunk given where they started; it's nice to see solid YOY data but a 26% drop in sales from last Q is a major hiccup that needs explaining. Maybe this kind of sales volatility is normal for this industry.

        Q3 covers two core summer months (July & August); if anything Cabana Q3 sales should have been at least equal to Q2. Maybe consumers lose interest in these beverages by August. I'd like look at MONTHLY sales -- maybe July was great, August was so-so and September was terrible. PLSB could be a victim of fickle consumer habits not to mention minimal advertising (I see they're spending more now).

        The Pulse functional bevs picked up from 1K cases in Q2 to 5K in Q3, that's cool but this is still a new product just getting into the pipeline.

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