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  • baldingcontrarian baldingcontrarian Nov 20, 2013 9:25 PM Flag

    company should have warned

    things were going poorly.
    I warned you and saved a few from the pump mill, but others still try to rationalize this company's prospects.
    Management spends 100k on PR's and other pump fluff, but cant even do a conference calls.
    I know I sure wouldn't want to try and explain this train wreck.
    Yates will give this ship up in the next 2 years and walk away with investors money.
    Hey, at least he tried.

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    • Well, looks like you were right Mr baldy. Guess we all make mistakes. I learned a few keys things on this one. Thought Q3 would show much stronger sales. Also, good call on FNMA. You've been right on a few this year..

    • "I know I sure wouldn't want to try and explain this train wreck."

      Well, golly gee, Baldy maybe you could explain that train wreck known as Jones Soda? You remember them don't you? That's the company YOU pumped on this board all last summer.

    • baldingcontrarian, I am by no means sticking up for the company, and I am neither long nor short the stock, just an interested follower. However, in the company's defense on one issue you mentioned, I've seen quite a few small companies in this size range not hold conference calls for either quarterly or annual results.

      In fact, I've owned a few in the past that didn't hold them, and even traded on Nasdaq or AMEX. Yes, it was frustrating as a part-owner. In this day and age, I believe if a company is publicy-traded, then at the very least management should hold an open call 4 times a year. But I don't believe it's a reason not to invest in a particular company.

      If they're small enough and you have questions, oftentimes if you phone the company they'll answer things they're legally able to answer. Sometimes you'll even be able to speak directly with the CFO, though doubtful the CEO. I've done this before in the past.

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      • fb, you are absolutely correct, in principle. The CC issue, though seen with the amount spent on publicity and pumping in the 10K, along with the 18 other warning signs (which I have posted since 1.45) call their credibility into question. By itself, it wouldn't be noteworthy. I have invested in many microcaps that don't do em.
        Obviously, many have headed my advice and sold at much higher levels. They are gone now but their outcome was enhanced by getting a sniff of reality.
        I'm sure when they looked into the red flags, they saw there was merit to the concerns.

    • BC Thats what Im talking about. You were right before, yes. But now its not at a point of being way overvalued. What are you basing the future failure of the #$%$? Is it the past actions of misleading? As the numbers show growth is not bad and distribution network has been very good. Although it certainly didnt translate into sales this past Q. Because you were right before (although an easy call at previous prices as we discussed) I'd like to know why you think Yates will fail.

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      • they need to dilute. so the market cap is illusory. 1MM sales, 350k GP, and 750k considering GP was nearly flat. There is a huge roll out going on. The missing link is there is no competitive advantage, advertising, consumer awareness nor need.
        Sell through is hideous. Management credibility is zero and dilution or debt, well dilution, has to be down the road by Spring. So figure 70MM shares (which the dilution helps book value, b ut the stock will not go up because BV goes up due to dilution) at 40 cent is still a market cap of 28MM.
        What is the endgame?
        Are they going to revolutionize lemonade?
        I just don't see it.

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