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  • jfrancisofsi jfrancisofsi Dec 31, 2013 12:00 PM Flag

    Pulse has the potential to be a ten bagger in 2014...

    The move is toward healthy products. Look at Whole Foods or GNC. I like this management. I ordered and tried their products and really liked them. They are executing their business plan ahead of schedule. They have a product that is good tasting, good for you. Developed by a Baxter pharmaceuticals, you can actually feel good about a refreshing drink. Today is the last day of tax loss selling. I am not a paid pumper. I am an investor. Some of my other picks include CSII at $11 and MRVL at $8 and CLFD at $5. When I study a company I look at their growth rate, their management, the demand for their product. It is my opinion, and my investment decision to add to my portfolio today at these prices. I wish you all a prosperous 2014. Happy New Year.

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    • Fransisco,

      While I applaud your enthusiasm, let's not get ahead of ourselves, LOL. My guess? Maybe a triple from here by EOY if quarterly YOY sales continue to improve. Cabana sales are doing well for a start-up company but there's a lot of competition in that particular space. Pulse Functional drinks are a different story being more focused in the health-drink space. They just started selling in volume last Fall & off to a decent start. I'm concerned Cabana alone is not going to carry this company -- the Functional bevs have to pick up the slack in 2014. Another strong point about the Functionals is they're not seasonal products and should sell well throughout the year.

    • If you want a prosperous 2014, dump this stock now!

    • You will be rewared I'am sure.

    • One poster asked for my source on PLSB. Please go to the website and look at the credentials of the management of this company. They have a successful track record. Look at Bob Yates experience: His distribution portfolio included; Monster Energy Drink®, AriZona® Iced Tea, Rock Star Energy Drink®, Vitamin Water®, Perrier®, Everfresh® Juices, Ocean Spray®, Miller® Beer, Honest Tea® and Fiji® Water.

      Look at the research behind this beverage: The PULSE® brand of functional/nutritional beverages was formulated under license by a major healthcare company that spent in excess of $10 million formulating, developing and initially marketing PULSE®. PULSE® was formulated to be scientifically effective by containing ingredients that are widely considered to be critical to adult health including liposome nano-dispersion technology that introduces the ingredients into the beverage in a format that allows the body to absorb the nutrients. Pulse owns the formulations, rights and trademarks relating to the PULSE® brand of functional/nutritional beverages including the right to use the following Side-Panel Statement for PULSE® Heart Health Formula™, PULSE® Women’s Health Formula™ and Men’s Health Formula™: “Formulation developed under license from Baxter Healthcare Corporation”. This right is in perpetuity without royalties.

      Buy this stock now or over the next few weeks and hang on. It is my opinion that Bob Yates will be adding Pulse to his portfolio of successes. Mark this post. It is my opinion based on my own research this stock will have moved up significantly on its way to $3.00 by early February. Their goal seems to be to get Coke or Pepsi's attention and get bought out much higher than $3.00. I am not pumping. I am an investor willing to take on some risk with a portion of my portfolio. Throughout January 2014, I think we will begin the move much higher.

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