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  • shawn_avery_king_of_pentacles shawn_avery_king_of_pentacles Jan 21, 2009 8:38 PM Flag

    No $ for Sam glass shards in beer issue

    This plant produces glass for AB and most other major beer producers. Why only some production runs for Sam Adams. It does make one wonder about whether Boston Beer employees knew how to even run that ancient old equipment in the old brewery they just bought. Owens Illinios has always said the bottles met there standards...take a look < >. Show me any evidence of a law suit being filed in court... or ... SEC reports saying Owens Illinois is expecting expenses from this (PS OI is obligated to report this to it's shareholders on 10Q filings and there been a number of OI 10Q filings since this happened). Sam Adams has been quiet about recieving any money for fear of a law suit by Owens Illinois for blaming OI. Sam Adams was cleverly trying to deflect blame from there own mistake on the bottling line crimping machine and inpection process.

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    • Help is requested with understanding the situation: What were the actual financial losses to SAM in dollars? Was it every quantified?

      Were there any lawsuits filed against SAM in this event?

      One man’s opinion: As for the Stock price and the P/E it is currently at 70 and 28. If earnings continue to outperform the P/E is justified and the price will rise. Back in the late 90's P/Es of 30s and 40’s and higher were routine with only the expectation of future success. SAM has a real product with earnings where the techs had expectations only.

    • shawn what are you talking about? INBEV not bleeding profits from HOOK? Are you kidding me? The high fees that HOOK pays to INBEV are exactly why they were close to break even last quarter.

      OK, they earned $.01 a share.

    • shawn, I also said they will wait until the final hour to file suit if they need to. What is you continuing obsession with something that is completely discounted from the stock price? The only thing that can change anything now is if SAM gets a surprise gift from glass money.

      Once again, why would they keep including this negative issue in their SEC filings if they don't plan on getting money? This isn't exactly something you want to keep in the public eye if you don't have a good reason to.

    • shawn_avery_king_of_pentacles shawn_avery_king_of_pentacles Jun 10, 2010 4:50 PM Flag

      Bbdot you were wrong about Inbev bleeding profit from CBA aka (HOOK), Bbdot you were also wrong about BK for CBA aka (HOOK)

    • shawn_avery_king_of_pentacles shawn_avery_king_of_pentacles Jun 10, 2010 12:47 PM Flag

      It's now half way thru June 2010 next month is July....Yet still no word yet...Bbdot you told me with the utmost confidence it would happen sooner rather than later.....I am still waiting for your prediction to materialize

    • shawn, why are you so obsessed with the old glass issue? Is it because if they don't get money, which I still think they will, it will be the only thing you have been right about? No money is factored in the stock price now, so the stock has done just fine without it and will get another bounce when they get something. It will be like free money.

    • shawn_avery_king_of_pentacles shawn_avery_king_of_pentacles Apr 24, 2010 1:20 AM Flag

      I hope I don't die of advanced old age before it happens! Bbdot another month starts soon. By the way what do you mean by, sooner rather than later???

    • shawn, the way this keeps heading up maybe something will happen sooner rather than later. Did someone see the OI guy visiting Boston?

    • I doubt SAM will actually profit from the glass situation, especially including the PR hit, but the financial damage should be minimized if it was caused by the manufacturer. With the mention in the last SEC filling, SAM must think it was. Because if they don't have a great case they don't include it in the filling. They sure don't want to beat a dead horse, so they must be confident. There is no way to know how soon they will get money, but nobody wants to go to court so it can't drag on to long. I would guess less than 6 months.

    • shawn_avery_king_of_pentacles shawn_avery_king_of_pentacles Feb 6, 2009 1:10 AM Flag

      Hey Bb So when is Sam Adams going to get money for some of its customers drinking glass chips in their beer? Do you think that Boston Beer might acctually profit from the glass particles in their beer issues! When all is said and done???

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