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  • stockdoctorswife stockdoctorswife Oct 10, 2013 8:00 PM Flag


    BREW is very thinly traded....

    450,000 shares sold short

    1800 CALL contracts outstanding.....

    STOCK FLIES on small volume...

    BREW just hit its 2nd HIGHEST CLOSE in 17 years....

    Trading at only 1.4 times REVS....

    HUGE deal just done with BWLD

    NEW CONTRACT with BUD, lowered case fees by 75%


    KONA growing at 30%, and its the LARGEST of their brands...

    MMMMM MMMMM GGGOOOOOOOD.... buy some and let the SQUEEZE BEGIN!!!!

    Yes, I own it!

    WHO would short beer?

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    • It's overvalued, due to lack of ability to make money.

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      • Uhhh, aren't you the guy they are making fun of over at the BREW board???

        Right? You said the stock was OVERVALUED at $2 bucks... you are the same dude yes?
        Maybe whatever metric you are using is incorrect?

        The stock has gone from 2 - $13.85 and the whole time you have been screaming FIRE!!!

        HUH? Maybe your P/E focus has been misplaced.

        It must be about the BRANDS,,,,, you know, KONA, that brand you called a fad 4 years ago that has grown COMPOUNDED at 28% PER YEAR.... Where did your analysis go wrong there BBDOT? Or did the fad just have another couple of hundred thousand bbls to grow before the world saw your point? And how about the resurgence of REDHOOK???

        And what about those BREWERIES????? Hmmmmm I would suggest (wrong sized or not in one's simple mind) that those ASSETs are of considerable value .... especially given that craft will double again in market share over the next 5 years.

        But you got that wrong as well.

        And regarding the short. I know how painful a 2 buck to $14 short position must sting. We have told you for 5 years you were wrong.

        You COMPLETELY IGNORED all discussion of the STRONG CASH FLOW at BREW.
        Its all about the CASH FLOW BBBBB. Ohhh, and the brands and the breweries... and

        In the future I would target industries with overcapacity and falling market share.... Well, gotta go, I will let you get that (margin) call.

        The asset value and brands at BREW are undervalued. Significantly undervalued.

        The current stock price gives them currency to grow more thru acquisition .... and if BUD intent is to continue to pursue craft... they either need to own it or let it be sold piece by piece. And that folks, would be the best day ever for BREW shareholders. Who out there would not bid big to own KONA? Look at what they have done with practically no budget to market that brand. What would it do with a $50 million marketing budget for a big boy. That is the question.

        And that is why BREW is seriously undervalued.

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