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  • araemrikian araemrikian May 5, 2000 10:18 PM Flag

    Anybody tried BoDeans????

    It's a new Iced tea with Malt Liquor, 5% alchol. I really liked it. It is of course made by Boston Beer

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    • Just saw new Sam Adams ad on SportsCenter.
      Highlights all international beer awards, but is much, much
      different from other ads. Plays strange music during ad,
      quick camera changes-- feels like an MTV ad. Is this
      good, bad, or just is?

    • an indicator of future returns, but let's examine
      the facts. Lately, Sam Adams stock has been a piece
      of schlitz. Of coors, not everyone agrees with this
      evaluation, and I hate to harp on this point, but perhaps the
      board of directors needs a good swift kick in the
      heineken. No guarantee, but at yeast it might help. One
      needs a stout constitution to put up with our stock's
      behavior lately. It's barley back to my purchase price.
      Sheesh! Then out comes a new brew for initial public
      availability (IPA) like the Pale Ale. What's a Sam imbiber to
      do? Please don't think that I'm a complete asahi, but
      my intent is only to amuse, and if I accidentally
      inform then you are, Bud, weiser. Pardon the puns, but I
      wasn't in the mood to write in the old style. Slante!!
      Soon time for a cold Sammy ... mmmmmm.

    • Hello....

      Some observations:

      certainly seem to slowly be going up, with not much volume.
      At least the selling is gone. How do you interpret
      the previous announcement that SAM "bought back"
      outdated beer at a cost of $2 million? Certainly it has to
      help relationships with distributors but if it cost
      the bottom line the entire 2 mill, the first quarter
      was actually stronger than reported which beat
      estimates anyway. Even if they received 1 million in
      benefits with the savings from bottles and ethanol and if
      this was a one time plan, the earnings from operations
      was better than stated and may bode well in future
      quarters. Also, the hops deal, if they pay for this as
      stated in Annual report with European currency, cost may
      be down due to strong dollar against the

      Any insights?

    • favorite group of posters ... long, short, whatever. Now it's time for one of two things - either an ice cold Sammy, or a nice cold Sammy. Sometimes, you just can't lose. Slante!

    • Are they marketing it in hot south? Places like
      Texas where Iced tea drinking is most popular?
      about marketing it to women who don't drink beer?
      Worries about "alcopop" label being applied to premixed
      alcohol concoctions like this. Is this product
      "On-message" or another "millenium brew"?

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