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  • rndyjensen rndyjensen Mar 9, 2012 10:43 AM Flag

    Something is in the works, may be announcement

    Sure looks like we are very close to an announcement, price action is truth and it's telling us some good news is coming to this security.

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    • The volume is too low. If something big was coming, the information would leak out to enough people to cause unusually high volume. This appears to be short covering in small doses.

    • Yeah - Didn't we all say the same thing between the 1st and 2nd week of Jan when the stock it hi 5's ( as did we) !!!

      Only to be slammed on Friday the 13th !!!

      Maybe there was something in the works back then and folks were buying on that event and now are buying at lower prices, but there is no real volume to support any pending announcements, at these prices the MM's can just be manipulating..

      here's to hoping I'm wrong, but been disappointed so many times with this one

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      • Banks, although I can appreciate your pessimism this is nothing like January 11th

        Back on January 11th, M was still responsible for their half of the $433Mil due on the ADM joint venture. When ADM walked away they took approximately $216.5Mil of M’s responsibility with them.

        Back on Jan 11th, M was in an exclusive partnership with ADM. When ADM walked away the handcuffs were taken off.

        Metabolix now owns all the rights, patents and government certifications for one of the most versatile bioplastic materials on the plant. They have also proven that they can create, in volume, C4 chemicals.

        They are currently looking to manufacture both products wherever they can get the most bang for the buck, they are looking at all options, and they are talking with several potential partners.

        Today is nothing like January 11th, now the whole world is open to them, they have millions in delayed revenue that will be booked this quarter, they have tens of millions in the bank and they are ready to build the business that they should have had all along but this time they will be using the latest (6 years newer) technology and manufacturing process.

        If you think things are the same then you have not been paying attention.

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