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  • jos847 jos847 Apr 23, 2012 2:50 PM Flag

    Referendum for Annual Meeting

    Suggestion (Referendum for Annual Meeting):

    With the stock dropping as it is, I hope it's not because of information that some already know and we are soon to hear.
    If someone is attending the Annual Meeting, could they please ask that a vote be held on when to liquidate the company? If we get bad news soon, the stock will be selling below $2.00 a share. At that point, the stock will be selling at cash value, giving no value to the patents or to management. My suggestion is, if we drop below $2 a share, we halt trading in the stock, distribute the cash value to the shareholders and place the 700+ patents into a trust to be sold/leased at a future date for the benefit of the shareholders.

    At $2 a share we can no longer afford management's help.

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    • And did they re-elect the directors? No hard questions asked?

    • I just got back from the meeting. Basically they said they had 10 potential partners which they shrunk down to 4. Most, if not all of them are in Europe (that was not on the record, but one of the directors said it after the meeting). They wouldn't disclose any specifics, mostly because of the pending lawsuit. But you could see they all can't to announce a partnership or two. As a guy from Morgan Stanley pointed out, the short interest is huge. I look at Nasdaq: and think that given a high institutional ownership, once the announcement is out it could be the mother of all short squeezes. The insiders are buying. I couldn't figure out the time frame, but the buy point is close...

    • Joe, joe, jo – Really ???

      The break up practically just happened! Yes, it was ugly as any divorce is but the other party just walked away, took a ton of debt with them and handed us the keys to castle.

      You do realize that no one wants to get caught in a rebound situation, it takes awhile to find a new partner, and you really don’t want to rush it. They’ve got the patents, they’ve got cash to last and they have time to do it right.

      It is quite likely that when the announcement comes it will be a good one. I’m guessing that they will partner with someone who will re purpose an existing facility (to supply stock to current customers) while they set up a new (smaller) facility in Brazil (or somewhere like that) to manufacture both bioplastics and biochemicals.

      The key is keeping the cost of manufacturing down so that they keep the cost of good competitive. If the price of Mirel were cost competitive with other bioplastics then Mirel would probably rule the world. The facility that ADM helped build cost too much to create, too much for labor and resulted in a product that was too expensive. This time round things should be different.

      Give em time

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