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  • biajj3 biajj3 Apr 25, 2012 9:17 AM Flag

    News New Patents !!

    With more than 700 issued and pending patents, Metabolix has led the industry in the development of a family of biopolymers found in nature called PHAs (polyhydroxyalkanoates), including members of the PHA family. Metabolix is developing biobased industrial chemicals as "drop-in" replacements for petroleum-based products. In recent months, Metabolix has produced biobased gamma-Butyrolactone ("GBL," a C4 chemical) at semi-works scale (60,000L) and has produced biobased acrylic acid (a C3 chemical) at lab scale. In the second quarter, Metabolix expects to begin sampling to prospective strategic partners dried biomass for conversion to biobased acrylic acid.

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    • Patents are only worth money if they are commercialized. The patent portfolio is PHA centric and at the moment no one is focusing on PHA, The compounding patent was licensed however there are only a few who are willing to license it and I would not think that the licensing inflows will be meaningful for quite a while.

      I am still long, but are waiting for a MIRicaLE

    • Re: "Yes if only MBLX had the 20% of the CROX revenues we would be at 20.. but Alas we have no revenues and are prospects are all pipe dreams...."

      Three years ago there was a very good reason that Croxs was only trading at $3 and some thought it was going to go bankrupt.

      In comparison Metabolix looks like a real gem... Lots of cash, zero debt, lot of patents (nearly 700), certifications, etc.

      When ADM walked away they took a 430 Million Dollar Anchor with them and left M in the perfect position to begin anew.

      The shorts don't really have the upper hand because they are playing with fire. The company already has a partner for bio chemicals and they told us "Over the last quarter (Q4/2011), we continued work with our C4 chemicals joint development partner, CJ CheilJedang towards commercialization of the C4 chemicals platform. We are actively involved in site and market analysis, as well as reviewing the feedstock markets"

      Now that ADM is out, M is looking for sites that can handle both their bioplastic and biochemical platforms. That isn't something shorts have control of unless they have a man inside. The news is coming and it is simply a matter of time.

      The worldwide chemicals market is huge. If M wanted to sell their bioplastic patents and move forward with just their biochemicals they'd probably get several times their current market cap for those patents alone. M is well positioned to begin growth in two very large markets... Again I would love to know what the shorts see that I don't (other than a lot of very optimistic longs :)

    • they may have upper hand but they are playing with fire adding to their position. Wonder what new directors have in mind?

    • Yes if only MBLX had the 20% of the CROX revenues we would be at 20.. but Alas we have no revenues and are prospects are all pipe dreams....

      If the dreams transform to realities then the shorts are scr#w#d but until then they have the upper hand

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      • I don't know why a company like DOW Chemical doesn't just offer shareholders a billion and sweep in and buy these guys.

        Their patent potfolio could become a huge payday for someone with deep pockets.

        It might be outright dangerous in the wrong hands.

        If I were DOW or one another chemical/plastic/bio company looking for easy growth the M would be at the top of my radar... All outrageous buyout offers have to be taken to shareholders even when management isn't shopping for a buyer.

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