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  • jos847 jos847 Oct 18, 2012 10:59 AM Flag

    Eno... Management !!!!! What the hell are you doing to us long term investors??????

    Give us a freakin break. Hey!!!!!!!!

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    • Why don't we address these issues directly to Eno, bombard him with real letters explaining our concerns as LT investors, I am not so sure he reads any of the msgs on this board

    • Eno, are you Obama in the first debate or second debate. You have ANOTHER chance to sell the idea that you know what the !@#$#@! you're doing at the next qtly update. PREPARE FOR IT AND SHOW SOME PROGRESS! OR STEP DOWN, OR SELL THE !@#$%$#@! COMPANY. IT'S OUR MONEY YOU ARE LOSING!!!

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      • Zero debt + product reserves + cash + LOI == Time

        Eno is not in control of the stock… Weak handed investors are the ones giving up their shares at a discount. If you want to blame anyone blame everyone who doesn’t have the patience to wait. Eno told you that he’s found what he believes is the very best place to manufacture Mirel. Now he and his company are doing everything they can do to make that happen. The falling stock price is caused by uncertainty. Eno could certainly help that a little by creating a blog, adding a few pictures of the two teams working together, telling a few stories about the bumps and successes along the way and keeping investors informed. If you are waiting for a big press announcement saying that the first successful test runs have occurred then you are probably going to be waiting quite awhile; the conference call mentioned something about early next year. That’s a long time to wait for nervous short term investors but it is a drop in the bucket for patient long term investors.

        The daily water torture that is the Metabolix stock is hard, but the problem isn’t Eno… It is the savvy shorts who drop the price at the end of the day by dropping a few hundred shares at the very last second. It is also weak handed investors who are patient enough to hold on or at least ask for more.

      • I don't need any more sales jobs from him. Just make MORE deals and get some product moving. stock is worthless if nothing is being produced by early 2013.

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