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  • wchuck41 wchuck41 Jan 11, 2013 1:52 PM Flag

    Just deposited another $250K in my trading acct:


    just in case they drag this lower.

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    • Chuck I'm probably the only one here who believe that you might have $250k ready to invest in Metabolix (esp. after reading your posts on the DNDN board). Good luck getting all those shares; have you started to nibble here or are you still hoping the shorts will gift you a few shares?

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      • Try $250 instead of $250k and you might be right. Chuck is back in school so don’t expect him to be back until the weekend or spring break. He’s not a major holder and never will be. If you want to watch the actions of anyone then check out the SEC documents for Matthew Strobeck. He accumulated hundreds of thousands of shares last year and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him add more this year. Insiders have an edge we don’t; they know what is B$ and what isn’t and they have only one reason to buy.

    • don't wait - news is due

    • I'm just happy to see more than 7k shares traded today.

    • Aren't you the one telling others to buy at ask, or is that Ready?

      That much money you should dollar cost average into Metabolix. You could buy $10k per day for 25 days or you could buy $10k every other day for 50 days. Regardless you should make your purchases at the end of the day so you get the free end of the day discount that the shorts like to give away and you should spread your investment over time. If you keep waiting then there are several catalysts that could kick off any day now that may make you kick yourself for not buying down here. Even if the shorts drop this a few more dimes it will be next to impossible to get the number of shares you're looking for and you will end up paying up or giving up.

      Of course, you probably know better than I do... I don't have that much disposable income to invest right now.

      What's your strategy for exiting once the run begins? Some might sell half after the first double then let the rest ride (I think we see at least $5 within 12 months). Others might sell a quarter after the first double, another quarter after the next double and countinue to dollar cost average out while keeping a nest egg for the grand slam ($20++++, three to five years from now unless C4 kicks off much sooner)

      Good luck in whatever you do!

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    • ha ha ha

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