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  • bri_suth bri_suth Jan 14, 2013 8:08 PM Flag

    Doing research on Metabolix potential and existing customers in Europe.

    Doing a cursory search of past publications from the ADM/TELLES days.

    Just wanted to get a greater feel for the North American customer base as I see that in the next three (3) to five (5) years the company says to be focused on European market. ( I just guessed the time frame as I believe it may be necessary to get the awareness and adoption. I have NOT seen this printed anywhere my own estimate)

    So in my search for Mirel a article in 'Sustainable Brands' spoke well of the 'soil wrap' project with 'Ball Horticultural' and of AL-PACK here in Canada, Lakeside Plastics in BC for the Mvera B5002. I have not even started to cover the C3/4 applications.

    Some of the more informed posters on this site like 'banks50', 'wchuck41' 'ledup111' 'ready788' I have learned so much.

    My question is why Europe?

    'ledup111' alluded to the ban now in effect in Italy as a potential oppurtunity I agree so who wold be the players in that market.

    P.S. I did manage to grab 500 more shares this week as I got paid on the w/end. My goal is 5000.

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    • Brisuth
      Europe will continue to be the major market for mblx for a few years moving forward. They get it. Think of auto's.....who has had the best gpm over the decades.
      The Kenmare agreement is very important because they now have distrubution thoughout the region wtih MFG in the same region. The logistic's work.
      Europe is so far ahead of the US.............. Ball and Lakeside Plastics are the exceptions..........they get it as well. They believe in the company and will benefit like shareholders.
      At some point, FDA food touch & the US Navy appprovals and medical touch will be implemented and hit big.The science C/3 & 4 will continue to gain traction and be big as well................stay with this one.

      Further, the model that is in place for small production centers throughout the world.......Spain +10 coming.....producing and selling at good margins...low risk / smal capital investment........will result in the bottom liine being very strong and profitable to all holders........At somepoint this will be a royality stock or it will be bought. I hope it does not get bought.
      Best of luck

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    • Drinking the Kool-Aid

      • 1 Reply to scambrew
      • no kool-aid camsbrew, just reading the press and reading between the lines (2013 is going to be a turnaround year):

        December 12, 2012

        Metabolix Enters into Agreement with Kenmare to Expand Business in Compostable Film Markets in Europe

        EU-Based Packaging Supplier Will Promote Mvera B5008, Complementing Metabolix's Business Development Efforts in Europe

        CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Metabolix, Inc. (NASDAQ: MBLX), an innovation-driven bioscience company focused on delivering sustainable solutions for plastics, chemicals and energy, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Kenmare Srl., a packaging solutions supplier based in Milan, Italy and Lugano, Switzerland. Under the agreement, Kenmare will promote to its customers Metabolix's Mvera B5008, a certified-compostable film grade, starting in 2013.

        "With growing concern about single-use bags and the emergence of plastic bag regulations requiring either reusable or certified compostable alternatives, it has become increasingly important for bag suppliers and retail stores to offer more sustainable product options," said Francesco Tognato, director, at Kenmare. "We have been pleased with Metabolix products and are honored to offer Mvera B5008 to our customer base as an excellent alternative raw material for compostable bag production. We look forward to expanding our business with Metabolix next year as they ramp up their production in Europe."

        Mvera B5008 is designed for consumer compost bags, can liners for commercial compostable food waste, as well as shopping and retail bags that can be reused as consumer compost bags. It is certified by Vinçotte to meet the EN 13432 standard for compostable plastics, and exhibits many of the same performance qualities of the current non-compostable plastic bags— such as excellent puncture and tear resistance, good barrier properties, printability and compatibility with other compostable polymers.

        "We're delighted to work with Kenmare to help build awareness and generate additional sales for Mvera B5008 among Kenmare's customers that are at the forefront in providing innovative compostable packaging solutions," said Dr. Stan Haftka, director of business development, Europe at Metabolix. "Kenmare has unparalleled expertise and reach in these regions, working with a number of leading organizations on their packaging needs. This expanded relationship reflects Metabolix's continued growth in European markets and will help us leverage existing Kenmare customer relationships and capabilities to broaden our presence in European markets."

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    • Anyone?

      What do you think Q4’s revenue will be? Keep in mind that the agreement with Kenmare was to promote Mvera B5008 certified-compostable film "starting in 2013" so that shouldn’t help Q4’s revenue (Q1 / 2013 should be another story)… Additionally they didn’t announce availability of the i6001 polymeric PVC modifier until late in December so it may contribute minuscule amounts to Q4 (hopefully Q1 / 2013 is a different story).

      My guess for Q4 revenues is $1.3 million with over half that coming from product sales and the rest coming from various research grants. If Metabolix meets or exceeds that number then it should be the third consecutive quarter of product sales growth with a fourth very likely as both Mvera B5008 and i6001 begin to contribute.

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