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  • banks50 banks50 Feb 5, 2013 12:25 PM Flag

    Cereplast up nearlty 50 % today

    Hey we want to play too !!!!!

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    • Meta could probably buy Cereplast using less than one quarter of theri cash reserves, re purpose Cereplast's manufacturing facility (to make Meta's products) and then double output once Antibioticos comes online... Unfortunately, anyone purchasing Cereplast is going to get a mountain of debt with it, but it might be worth it to have a functioning facility with many of the attributes that Meta needs.

      The European opportunity is significant and the clock is ticking.

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      • Check out the CERP 5 year stock history and you'll see where MBLX is headed. MBLX had to leave U.S. because no one wanted to manufacture or buy their snake oil. Had to pack up the circus tents and move to Europe hoping to find some clowns over there to buy the stock and oil. When was the last time you purchased any thing manufactured in Europe? Perhaps they have a chance since European merchandise is over priced and/or poor quality.

    • The shorts on this board keep making it sound like Eno moved Metabolix to Spain because he was forced to leave the country. In reality he found a very interesting opportunity by teaming with Antibioticos and he is now in an excellent location to sell to a rather large market.

      The following isn't a press release from Metabolix; it is part of today's press release from their competition and it shows why the move to Europe was a very bright move:

      "The Italian Application Decree, which mandates that companies discontinue the use of traditional plastic bags in favor of bioplastic bags or other alternatives, continues to drive demand for the blown film grades..."

      "The next important milestone will be the formal publication of the Italian Application Decree, which is expected to increase the demand for bioplastic film resins... According to European Plastics News, the European market volume for flexible packaging is approximately 3.6 million tons, which is worth approximately EURO 20 billion. Italy represents 25% of this market volume at approximately 900,000 tons per year. Although all applications will not be transferred to bioplastic, Italy could become the largest market for bioplastic film applications in 2013 with potential industry revenues of several hundred million euros."

      "The Italian market for bioplastic blown film is once again gaining momentum... As a result of government legislation and mandates being passed down by the Italian parliament, the sales trend is continuing... We are encouraged by the sales data we are analyzing, which is pointing to a strong 2013."

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • More on the Italian Application Decree:

        "In Europe, specifically in Italy, the Italian parliament made a critical vote on December 13, 2012, which confirms the proposed sanctions on companies using traditional plastic bags and mandates a switch to bioplastic or other alternatives 60 days from the publication of the Application Decree."

        This explains why Metabolix announced the following December:

        "Metabolix Now Shipping MveraTM B5008 Compostable Film Grade Resin - New Certified Compostable Resin Ideal for Compost Bags and Retail Shopping Bags"


        "Metabolix has entered into an agreement with Kenmare Srl., a packaging solutions supplier based in Milan, Italy and Lugano, Switzerland. Under the agreement, Kenmare will promote to its customers Metabolix’s Mvera B5008, a certified-compostable film grade, starting in 2013"

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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