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  • biajj3 biajj3 Mar 6, 2013 9:27 AM Flag

    What does everyone think about the reporting "delay"

    Did they announce they would report earlier and then push back or is this the first they announced that they would report. Hopefully they are waiting to finalize an investment -- but if we do drop back to 2 that could be an Omen

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    • I added and it went down, wtfo?

    • beprepared4infinityandbeyond beprepared4infinityandbeyond Mar 6, 2013 2:27 PM Flag

      Until Eno gives us something more all we can do is guess. I highly suspect that the recent run is because of one of two things, either a) China is now ready to spend Billions buying outside companies and Metabolix is now on their radar or b) Anitibioticos is now producing sample quantities of Mirel / Mvera and the word is out. Regarding the earnings delay, if China is preparing to purchase Metabolix then it is going to take time to get all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed (probably doable by the end of the month); on the other hand, if Antibioticos is now producing samples of Metabolix’s products then it is time to sign a contract, contracts take a bit of time to create (i’s and t’s again) but they can probably have one signed by earnings at the end of the month. Of course, there are dozens of plausible scenarios that could play out over the new twenty days but those are my best guesses and both are very good reasons to stay long… Personally I don’t buy into any case that the shorts will make; we’ve seen too many dollars coming in and too much insider buying. It all leads me to believe that the run that began this year will last all year long and cumulate later in the year when we see Kenmare assisting in sales and someone agreeing to partner with Metabolix for their next big product line: sustainable bio chemicals.

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    • Only the 2007 report was published in late March since then all reports (10K) were published 2nd week in March... However in 2007 stock price increased greatly in the 3months following up nearly 8 dollars per share or around 50% low to high.... Hopefully it's a Good Omen !!

    • a delay by two weeks can only signal positive news, MM are trying hard to shake weak hands but the closer we get to teh 26th the higher the pps will go imo, GLTA

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