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  • ledup111 ledup111 Mar 14, 2013 11:42 AM Flag

    Wacker CC

    "Shifting to smaller downstream investments"

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    • Evci, shouldn’t those who are walking on pins and needles pay closer attention to their own path rather than worry about setting fire to a straw house dance floor? We are all waiting for life changing news; most are expecting something good from Spain, but those in-the-know see tall buildings made of glass. In spite of that someone in-the-ether is quietly accumulating shares and doing their best to do so without attracting too much attention (or running up the price). Unfortunately most everyone here is in the dark with only a lighter and a few sticks of dynamite to play with. The delayed earnings report may be a very good thing because it gives our European friends more time to put their house in order, and perhaps it gives Metabolix more time to complete whatever transaction caused this year’s run. I believe the two are unrelated otherwise the price would have crashed weeks ago.

      Someone needs to fill me in on Wacker; what’s up with that? Are they looking to invest in the current team or are they part of a new beginning?

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Welll that does seem to line up nicely with the run from just before 11 - too bad we didn't get broad follow through followed by "shorties fire burning on the dance floor" - but that will come in due time .... Ready did you get back in ? Or are you and Ilove sharing a motel room?

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