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  • wrutka wrutka Mar 27, 2013 1:09 PM Flag

    Buy when everyone hates

    As a long time holder I understand the pain here but if you can resist the emotional reaction of yet another disappointment this stock today fits the profile of my title. Do you really hate 1 million $'s in new grants and continued progress on 6 million US DOE grants or 43 patent applications being granted or allowed in 2012? Do you really hate orders shipped and billed going from 14,000 in Q1 to 373,000 in Q2 to 691,000 in Q3 to 918,000 in Q4 and real unique customers jumping from 50 in Q3 to 70 in Q4? How about revenue of 1.4 million for Q4 compared to ,4 million in the same quarter 2011? Yes R&D expense did also increase 1.1 million but do you really hate the fact that 2.3 million of that expense was for plant modifications, manufacturing equipment and raw material costs in connection with Antibioticos manufacturing agreement?
    Of course many of us have been waiting too long for this Company to turn the corner and become a truly viable business and you may feel your skepticism has been well earned by this companies past performance.
    I would say that the current postion of this company with it's undeniable industry intellectual resources in the context of the world plastic pollution problem presents a very desirable risk/reward opportunity.

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    • Thanks to the shorts I acquired another 5,000 shares today. I agree with wrutka! We have over 45,000 shares now and plan to keep and add to until $20 or more. This company will become very profitable. The indicators are emerging. Patience is the virtue required to make the big bucks.

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    • You convinced me. Looks like you did your homework. I'm going all in tomorrow. MBLX should have positive cash flow at this rate of revenue growth, after backing out the grant money, by about 2020. THANK YOU!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • 2 Replies to ilovepelosi
      • I highlighted some positive points not because I am of the illusion that the current conditions has this company on the road to success. Obviously the missing piece of the puzzle is their ability to use the Antibioticos capabilities as a source of manufacturing their biopolymers.
        I am simply saying that at the entry price of $1.80 -$1.87 yesterday the risk/reward was favorable and I felt compelled to warn whoever reads these things to not let their negative emotions blind them to a few postive trends.
        You obviously disagree based on a time frame for revenue growth, your past experience or your intuition or whatever.
        I'm basing my opinion of the facts that Antibioticos has been in existence since 1947 and their products are sold in 50 countries. The Facility is real and while there is a disturbing hurdle in the way, I'm betting that the hurdle is not insurmountable.
        I did buy 3,000 shares yesterday with the belief that a profit was likely well before Metabolix shows a positive cashflow. Any progress on Antibioticos will give us a boost from the $1.80 low yesterday.
        Peace ilovepelosi and you to grinninfrog

      • Even when the 10-year Low was "achieved" last November, Eno couldn't come up with anything positive to say about the company. Every time he opens his mouth the stock tanks because he has nothing to say except that they are working the problem with not have buyers. Keep drinking the koolaide,

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