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  • montarroj montarroj Apr 2, 2013 1:56 PM Flag

    1-Month Low

    You would think somebody would want this POS. Are they waiting on the 1-yr low again, is that what this is about?

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    • I was hoping for more of a bounce, but will take what I can get.

    • You're wasting your time on this stock, unless you want to short it. Any intelligent investor who does their homework would NEVER buy this stock without having insider information about someone getting ready to buy the company, or waiting to see MBLX get their first REAL customer who makes a FIRM commitment to buy large commercial quantities.

      Read the past 16 earnings release transcripts with a historical stock chart in front of you. If you still buy this stock, you are a very inexperienced investor and likely a complete moron. It doesn't get any easier than this. The facts are crystal clear. Eno and his management team are completely incompetent. Challenge any one on this message board to make a case for buying this stock after you read the past 16 earnings release transcripts and examine the historical stock chart and you will also conclude they are extremely stupid when it comes to investing. Just check their old messages and you'll find some of them have been bullish since it was over $20. My parents told us there was a sucker born every minute. The bulls on this message board confirm that parents knew what they were talking about. Incredible.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • you need to get a real job. who has time for all the dribble you post? unless this is your real job, saving the investment world from the evil force,, eno..beyond stupid.

      • A few keys words in both prior posts are "1 year low", "homework" and "insider information".

        Not wanting to be a "complete, extremely stupid very inexperienced investor moron" I decided that I had better do some more homework.

        I looked up the 1 year low of $1.07 on November 29, 2012 and then looked at insider transactions and WOW I saw that 3 Officers of the Company and 2 Directors purchased a quarter of a million shares that very same day at that very same price. The CEO Mr. Richard Eno was a few days late as he purchased 20,000 shares on December 5 which does have a little ironic humor.

        I don't see any recent insider sales at this point so maybe just maybe they don't share ilovepelosi's future vision of this company being a burning ring of fire or whatever that metaphor song was.

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