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  • jos847 jos847 Apr 12, 2013 1:18 PM Flag


    What the HELL have you done to this company and its shareholders? In business for 20+ years, having spent in excess of $242,000,000, receiving salaries and stock options, never ever showing a profit, shunned by ADM and now rolling the dice for the company’s future spending $2,000,000+ on a debt infested employee disgruntled / on strike semi socialist BRIC country’s factory? Where is your honor?
    This is hopeless. You have convinced me, Eno and company, that you have NO idea what it is you are doing. The company stock is selling at cash value, as though there is no management at all. Please submit your resignations to Schuler !!!!!

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    • They have some kind of edible PVC glue stuff.

    • I'm wondering why MBLX doesn't produce some products and sell them direct to vendors.
      Forget resins and PVC and all that stuff. Produce something the consumer wants now. Where are management's brains? The public wants biodegradable stuff, why not sell it to them before management squanders all the cash they derived from ADM? I think management and board pay should be based on what revenue stream is coming in. The revenue is so paltry that the board and management needs a wake up call. Eno, get down on the factory floor and produce something besides hope.

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    • How about we make this a bit more official, collectively write to the board and make them understand how investors feel, believe this will have more teeth to it if we all join forces and bombard management (specifically Schuler) with letters of discontent, Eno keeps on buying time

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      • Antibiotics do not have a buyer, but three potential partners may agree to take the factory Leon for various production lines. So it went on Tuesday to the committee the Minister of Economy, Tomás Villanueva. The sale of antibiotics seems ruled out a priori by high debt, more than 34 million euros according USE. However, despite the current state of paralysis, remains an interesting company for its high technical level and the possibilities it offers, especially for biotechnology projects.

        These three companies are the German Wacker, who raised the acquisition of 50% of line biotech Metabolix the U.S., which wants to put a project in Leon, and Spanish on the unions do not dare to name but could be linked to some of the recent projects that have been started in León. In his remarks Villanueva remarked yesterday that the Board has been very involved "many years" when he took over the portfolio of Industry, and in 1995. Just recalled competitive projects to diversify as antibiotics or Vitatene.

        Despite the current situation, Villanueva said there are groups that "can ensure the operation" of the plant antibiotics Leon to have future, but as long as the current leadership is very clear. "You can create a social conflict. We must match seriously, and if they have a plan, or economic capacity, you can leave as many workers. "

        That meeting called for the direction of Antibiotics should be, according to Villanueva, decisive. "Things have a limit and that limit has reached me," said the adviser, who maintained that antibiotics is feasible. Just recalled the prestige line fermentation and the many years of collaboration with the company. "We must match seriously because we believe in this company," said Villanueva also Pucci team. Without going into the debate on the return of subsidies, recalled that two years ago received $ 4.5 million from the Government.

      • I can't help but think that not only the Board of Directors of MBLX, but also the employees view this message board. Hell, I think everyone is wondering what is going on with this company.

        This stock will at some point increase in value, if not at least for the replacement of management. They have completely squandered their investor's resources and trust. To hurry through the last CC as though in an attempt to avoid the discovery of yet another failed attempt on their part and to have the temerity to insinuate that the shadow customers were growing and comfortable with a new Chinese supply source, while they said they would only sign a long term agreement and align themselves with Antibioticos when they were good and ready. How stupid do you think the shareholders and analysts are? Obviously petty dumb or stunted, we’re still writing on this message board. The problem is no one, the shareholders or those in the company, knows what is going on. Today management has us at the mercy of a group of union employees screaming and yelling at the front gate of a plant where we invested $2,000,000+ somewhere in Spain. We only have enough cash to pay our bills for one more year. “Here Mr. Schuler (“Help, Mr. Wizard”), is our secret IP. Help us!!!! We want to raise some more money so we can stay in business, find some more customers and make plans again for building yet another plant.”

        20+ years in business, $242 million spent, 700 patents, 50 (now 70) shadow customers and the company stock is selling at the value of the cash in the bank, all with the same management. Give me a break!!!!!!

        One thing is for sure….without a miracle, management is planning to run through the Annual Meeting as quickly as they can.

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