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  • blow_out_year blow_out_year Apr 23, 2013 2:48 PM Flag

    This could turn into one heck of a year...

    Yesterday’s presentation: “The results show that PHA can be blended with PLA to achieve a 20-fold increase in impact strength with modest decreases in tensile modulus. The balance of properties achieved with the blend rivals the performance of established engineering resins… yada yada yada”

    Today’s presentation: “Described the miscibility of PHA polymeric modifiers and their effect on plasticization, impact modification and flow promotion in flexible and semi-rigid PVC. In addition, data showing the resistance of PHA modified PVC to fungal growth, weatherization and biodegradation as compared to controls… yada yada yada”

    Eno has the scientists, engineers, patents and licenses that could lead to some rather large sales, but is clearly spinning his wheels quarter after quarter because larger customers don’t invest in miniscule companies. Eno, isn’t it time to put your tech into the hands of someone big enough to make a difference and spread your tech to the ends of the earth? You need a parent with resources and deep pockets; think about it!

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    • Ilo, you are so certain that years of hard work, research, patents, licenses, grants and more are going down the drain; big talk from a very small investor. Right now some of the silly retail investors that you've been dumping on are bidding $1.66 for 3400 shares. If you had anything to back up your claims you’d give them the shares. Go for it! I realize that the best you can do is talk crapper, turds and sewers when it comes to your own convictions but the investors here are looking for shares and not more of your verbal diarrhea.

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    • If this drops 30% at the close, I'm going to need a diaper and will ban this company for life. There's your warning.

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      • Keep the diapers handy. You'll likely need them before end of May. A whopping 8,000 shares traded today on this POS stock. Only people buying this stock are the unsophisticated speculators who think they are smart investors because MBLX has cash, no liabilities, and 700 patents. Too lazy to do their homework and read the earnings releases and Q&A from last 20 quarters. Mr. T had a memorable statement that describes those that buy MBLX stock.

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