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  • ilovepelosi ilovepelosi Apr 24, 2013 7:15 PM Flag

    Light trading by rookie retail buyers moving stock higher.

    Very, very, very light trading driving this stock higher. Doesn't take much to move this stock higher. A few pot smokers in Boulder are likely behind this recent move. Easy come, easy go.

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    • Come on guys, it's so obvious now. You can have this one.

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    • What's Boulder got to do with anything? And, pot smokers? What are you on? Could it be that shorts can't borrow any more shares to short and longs are sitting tight? Biodegradable plastic is the wave of the future and MBLX is in the midst of it. It takes time for the public to switch over to the Aldo Leopold "earth ethic." Longs have been buying on dips because they understand the long term prospects for this company which will be making more money sooner than later.

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      • 1 Reply to casinomarket
      • There has been no trading activity on this stock to speak of in past few days except for a few small retail buyers. You didn't get what I meant when I referred to Boulder and pot smokers, thus you are the perfect MBLX investor. I think you should buy more MBLX stock. The longs have been buying on the dips, or have the dips been buying MBLX stock? Longs have driven this stock all the way up to a whopping $1.64. If longs continue to drive this stock up, up, up - you could sell a share and buy a glass of ice tea at your favorite restaurant. Biodegradable plastic might be wave of the future, but the only wave MBLX has been riding is down the crapper after the institutional investors flush it again, again, again, and again. Eventually, the giant turd will make it's way into the sewer. Cash is burning and no revenue.

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