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  • hirmosin hirmosin Apr 30, 2013 3:35 PM Flag

    Can we see $1.80 ?????

    Let me see it, last day of the quarter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paint that TAPE, Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • normey, there are a small subset of shorts who are rather desperate to get out; they make up stuff, lie, deceive and hope that the price will follow. Fortunately the retail investors here are too smart for their antics and get a pretty good laugh out of their attempts. Our new friend hirmo is one of those... He knows not when the quarter ends (just that he is on his last quarter and the end is near). He knows nothing about their new or existing product lines (instead he makes up stuff from labels he found on a clothes line). He is poking and jabbing at longs (while missing the joke in his mirror). If he really believed his own tripe then he’d be shorting the stock; it’s not happening (all bark and no bite).

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    • Possibly this was meant as part of your special brand of sarcasm but mblx has a std. fiscal year. The quarter ended at the end of March. If it was part of your effort to be funny, sorry. It just seems more like you might be genuinely factually ignorant when you tried to make a funny and it would be a shame if others thought you had any value to your posting.

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      • Hey man, just trying to help get the stock up. I would post some great things happening with the company, but unfortunately there aren't any. How is that turning sweet grass into plant pots idea working out? You know, or the yard art thing? If they can make the briquettes out of the sweet grass, there would be no longer a need for heating oil. This company is desperate, so it will make a great short once we can get the stock pumped up enough. If you are not an old person living on social security, this is a Strong Buy! I hope a lot of rich people buy the recyclable plant pot thing or the resin for the compostable 3D gun printing resin thing. Stupid people will always buy the most implausible hoaxes from the crooks in Mass. Have you seen the place?

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