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  • rumorwhisperorbuzz rumorwhisperorbuzz Jun 27, 2014 2:44 PM Flag

    Time to hire a firm to shop for buyers...

    I'd like to see financing come in that isn't 15% below today's price but investors be darned, we've seen or heard nothing that gives us hope... This company has great technology and terrific IP but they just can't seem to market it... Come on folks! It's time to make a deal! Sell the company for four or five dollars per share and let someone else figure out how to make profits where you couldn't!!!

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    • End of June is not as dire as some think. Here is part of what was said during the CC: “You’ll recall that our financing plan is to raise to $50 million to $60 million over the next 12 to 15 months. To that end, we’re looking at a variety of different structures ranging from smaller staged financings to larger, more comprehensive solutions. While we’re not in the position today to say how this will all play out, what we do know is that we intend to complete at least the first phase of our financing by the end of June… Based on our current plans and projections, which remain subject to numerous uncertainties, we intend to raise $50 million to $60 million over the next 12 to 15 months… Failure to receive additional funding by the end of June 2014 will force us to delay, scale back or otherwise modify our business, operating plans, and/or pursue strategic alternatives… here’s a lot of activity around the financing, and we are talking to a bunch of different people about a variety of different structures. The focus has really been about the long term business plan and making sure that we’re securing the capital that we need to execute it. And we’re focused specifically on counterparties who share that interest… I would say that our plan to complete at least the first phase of financing by the end of June and we would expect to have a full set of information for investors about what that financing looks like when we announce it. And to complete it by the end of June, it means we’d have to announce it by the end of June.”

      Okay so failure will lead to delay, scale back, business mods or strategic alternatives… The last one there could interest short term traders because a sale of the company would probably return at least 2x from today’s price and possibly much more. In spite of what the shorts want you to think, The IP here has significant value. Shopping the company for a buyer that knows how to unlock value could result in a bidding war

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