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  • koolsdguy koolsdguy Jan 11, 2011 4:14 PM Flag

    SHORT the Dead Cat Bounce NOW.

    If you are long, I can understand your reluctance in selling but come to terms with reality. KGJI may go down to $1 or so, then what will you do? Your wishful thinking and prayers are not going to help you

    Instead, get even and SHORT this crapper back down to $1 or pennies and recover your money.

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    • lol, dead cat bounce...

      well, according to shortsqueeze you are about the only one shorting this undervalued jewel given the fact only 175.000 shares are shorted.

      Indeed it must be only fools short this stock. When reversal hits, you will be sweating to cover your axe...

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      • Undervalued jewel you said? I almost blurted out all my coffee when I read that and started to laugh uncontrollably.

        How come no one wants to buy your undervalued jewel?? If people were so interested in an undervalued treasure, this wouldnt be red every single day!!! Get ready and pucker up for another red day tomorrow and then day after and then....get it???

        More people ought to short this. Just sell your holdings and go short, its that easy. Dont get mad as a long, get even as a short

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