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  • koolsdguy koolsdguy Jan 11, 2011 4:59 PM Flag

    SHORT the Dead Cat Bounce NOW.

    Undervalued jewel you said? I almost blurted out all my coffee when I read that and started to laugh uncontrollably.

    How come no one wants to buy your undervalued jewel?? If people were so interested in an undervalued treasure, this wouldnt be red every single day!!! Get ready and pucker up for another red day tomorrow and then day after and then....get it???

    More people ought to short this. Just sell your holdings and go short, its that easy. Dont get mad as a long, get even as a short

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    • it looks like your laugh is not the only thing you can't seem to control. Please elaborate why I should go short when I just took a long position only yesterday since I believe we are bottoming out. You might be green, but I am green as well and I pretty convinced I will see more green while you will eventually see a lot of red if you don't get your act together sooner rather than later. The reversal just begun the last half hour of the day. You better refresh that financial course you took during your college years. We will talk again tomorrow...

    • you said why no one will buy kgji
      look at the chart
      before dec 29 the average daily volume was 40000 roughly
      since then it has traded nearly 3 million
      you know that a thinly traded stock like kgji would be 5 cents
      right now if someone were not taking these shares from the restricted shareholders
      s1 says that they recieved 5 million at 99cents when reverse merger went through in dec 09 with warrants for another 2 million they are now hitting the market
      you have the right to short and good luck to you
      but when you finish shorting
      take a look from another angle
      otherwise you could miss out on a good investment

      slimdeedy will you stop with the 2.60 one investor look at the filings man
      someone here would have found something somewhere about it
      good luck all

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