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  • rob_cos rob_cos May 8, 2012 10:34 AM Flag

    New CFO has deal & M & A experience.

    still feel strongly that ZIOP will partner Pali by summer and given the ECYT and other deals $100 mill up front and up to $1 billion life of drug if all milestones are hit is what could be expected. IMO I agree - the fact that Kirk has not bought recently on this dip and JP Morgan has not initiatied to me means they must both be involved.

    I had covered some on the last run with in the money calls that expired worthless. I am taking that premium and adding shares today in the 4.30s

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    • the key to this company is "Ultra Vector" which will be a brand name in 3 years in life sciences, then a verb in 6.

    • remy1 May 9, 2012 12:44 PM Flag

      just postied it for the board as a courtesy

    • Actually, I voted against a few board members(withheld votes) simply based on their background. Not sure why we have 2 Ex-Paramount guys still on the board. Nothing personal against them (I know neither gentleman) but I think this company is now beyond the 3rd tier VC finacing stage.

      Also not sure what value a few of the others bring but I assume they have ther roles.

      The only (non operational) person who must ALWAYS be there is Murray Brennan, M.D. (Lead Director). The man is highly moral, very bright and a no-nonsense fellow. I feel better having him there as a potential counterwight to the ever-growing RJ Kirk influence. I sincerely hope Senor Kirk proves himself to be a fair and able partner.

      Lots of sizzle coming from the kitchen but no steak on the table.

    • Nat- these conferences do nothing. JMP??? Maybe a JPM conference would help.

      Time for management to stop talking and time to start showing results. I can recite the presentation almost verbatim and save the company tons of $$$$ if they want me to fill in!

      Ready--"We are a very focused and patient driven small molecule oncology company which recently engaged in a synthetic biology partnership that could result in a ground breaking, needle moving, paradigm shifting and potentially distruptive technology that may provide multiple shots on goal in a manner that is efficient in terms of both cost and time. We are focused on creating drugs that will be globally distributed and will be priced in a way that conforms to the realities of the new Global heathcare reimbursement model. We have a robust pipline of both late and early stage programs which we are advancing through clinical trials in a very systematic and cost controlled manner. Our lead candidate, Palifosfamide has shown activity in numerous indications including STS, SCLC and breast cancers.

      As a bonus, investors in this enterprise also get the ancillary benefit of employing a CEO with crazy good hair and a cool South African accent. "

      (OK.... I may have added that last part)

    • New CFO is excellent news!

      Would love to see some add'l clinical activity this year on SB candidates to get something into Phase 2. Pali in breast also looks worthwhile so hopefully we will see some news there in next year -- to be safe perhaps after Picasso 3 results.

      But separating out CFO and COO role was critical for corporate governance and better late than never....puts them on much better footing.

      We'll overlook the fact they don't really need to be spending on a CMO at this point.

      Separately, looks like Russo has taken over from previous firm on media outreach. Hard to believe they would retain two firms simultaneously. So that is also excellent news from a risk mitigation perspective!

      Stock may still run to $4, but if it does, at least it is now a screaming buy.

    • Rob-I think you and I are on the short list of believers here.

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