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  • luckytrufflepig luckytrufflepig May 8, 2012 12:56 PM Flag

    New CFO has deal & M & A experience.

    This company does not need more PR(Lirk is a regular in Forbes)--it needs something significant on the deal side to mitigate the need for a huge capital raise prior to year end.

    Lots of sizzle re: Intrexon and deal potential on Pali--the kids have seen no steak(yet).

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    • I added some Oct $6 calls to my ziop portfolio. I see this moving up well over $6 in the next 6 months as a consequence of either partnering, positive p3 data, or just a good, old fashioned short squeeze. We are overdue for some good news...

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      • MarkAK---Not sure we will see PHIII data by Oct. I think the enrollments lagged a bit(check out corporate presentations). More likely late Q4 if we are lucky.

        What's next? ASCO is around the corner. Maybe they throw us a bone. After that, NYC meeting in June--I would think they want to do something positive prior.

        New guy (CFO) brought in has M & A experience. Hopefully he is here to help with a transaction or two.

        Enterprise valuation silly unless we assume no partnering. 10MM shares only nets you around $40 million at these levels after fees etc. Intrexon deal has not driven value whatsoever and is more likely viewed as capital drainer(see 10MM payment in 10Q) until they shed some light on the Virginians(by way of CA) black box projects. So far all we have seen is more headcount and much more burn projected. Hopefully light will be shed on the path forward and in the end, our patience will be rewarded.

        So far, based on public info, Kirk has gotten the better end of the ZIOP-Intrexon horse trade. If PH III works and IF Pali shows promise in SCLC and IF PALI is useful in breast treatment, I think Randy's assessment of the drug as a "rounding error" will prove inaccurate. CMON RJ, in Jan, 2011 you got a nice small cell drug collection on the cheap ----what did legacy ZIOP shareholders get in return? Intrexon's platform could be a game changer, a disruptive technology, a cost curve bender, (please insert favorite bio-expression HERE). Time to show us something beyond a very nicely crafted PowerPoint presentation(kudos to its creator--Dr. Reed?).

        The kids are hungry and have been waiting patiently for 1 year and 4 months. Sizzle does not feed empty bellies--we need something meaty. Also, please stop lending your shares to the shorts. Those guys are ruining the neighborhood.I know you have a history with them but it's round 13--time to get off the ropes and start hitting back. if you don't start soon you'll win, but there will be nobody left to cheer you on.

        SIGH......I feel better now. Time to waddle back to my pen before someone realizes that the truffle cookies are gone.

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